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Washing powder packing box standard

washing powder packing box


cartons for washing powder this standard is applicable to the outer packaging of separately packed washing powder in plastic bags. Cartons are made of multilayer paper; Keep the inside and outside dry and clean; The moisture-proof oil shall be agreed by the industrial and commercial parties according to the local conditions

1 so cleaner carton quality

1.1 the carton is a five layer double corrugated structure. The main material technical indicators are shown in Table 1

1.2 physical performance data of formed carton:

1.2.1 appearance: the lid is aligned, not pressed well, with an error of ± 0.3cm the knife edge of the box table shall be hairless and not broken. The four corners are correct, the footing is free of holes, and the error is not greater than 0 40cm has been widely concerned by the industry the corrugation height is 0.25cm, and the mounting length does not open glue and blister the box opening is aligned and firm, with an error of ± 1.50cm, the setting distance is uniform, the setting needle is set thoroughly, the position is correct, with an error of ± 2cm, and there is no re sawing the pattern is not oblique, and the error is not more than 0.70cm. The printing handwriting is clear, the color is bright, the overprint is correct, the printing oil is bright, and the box is clean

1.2.2 the pressure resistant empty box shall not be less than 450kg (tested between 14~15% moisture content); Adhesion fastness (3 × 12cm) the tensile force shall not be less than 10kg

1.3 see Table 2 for the quality requirements of plastic film of sub packaging materials:

2 "he said that the box type, box number and specification

2.1 box type: the carton is a flat rectangular box with a double opening cover. As shown in figure 1:

2.3 each box is packed with 20 bags of 500g washing powder or 40 bags of 250g washing powder in plastic bags. The unit weight of each box is 10kg

3 carton mark

3.1 the two rectangular front faces of the carton must be marked with product name, box number, specification, volume, moisture-proof mark, etc. The product name, quantity, gross weight, ex factory date, factory name, sending unit and receiving unit shall be marked on both sides. The handwriting shall be correct and clear. The marking part is shown in figure 2:


3.2 the product name must be marked on the plastic bag package, plus a small amount of watch oil, weight and manufacturer name

3.3 the words "pay attention to disassembly, management and return" are printed on one side of the box cover

4 liner

the inner bottom of the carton is lined with a piece of moisture-proof paper or kraft paper on each side, and the specification is consistent with the inner diameter of the carton

5 packaging

5.1 the bottom and cover of the box are firmly bonded with adhesive

5.2 the outside of the box shall be sealed with kraft paper or adhesive tape, with a width of 8~9cm, and the length must exceed both ends of the box and droop by 5~6cm, and the end mark must be pressed

additional notes:

this standard was proposed by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of light industry of the people's Republic of China

this standard is drafted by Beijing Branch of national commodity packaging science and technology information station

issued and implemented by the State Administration of standards

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