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Standard formulation of stainless steel standard parts

stainless steel fasteners are also called stainless steel standard parts, and there are standards for the following aspects:

1) standards for the product size of stainless steel fasteners: check the smooth parts, and specify the specific provisions to significantly improve the parts made of fiber-reinforced, shrink formed thermoplastic compounds, although the image data suggest the basic size of the mechanical strength products of bone connection; Products with threads also include the basic dimension of threads, thread ending, shoulder distance, undercut and chamfer, and the end dimension of external thread parts

2) there are no standards for product technical conditions. Specifically, it includes the standards of the following aspects:

A) standards of fastener product tolerance: specifically specify the tolerances of product dimensions and geometric tolerances

b) standards for mechanical properties of fastener products: specify the marking method of product mechanical property grade and the contents of mechanical property items and requirements; For some fastener products, this content is changed to the content of product material performance or working performance

c) standards for surface defects of fastener products: specify the types and specific requirements of product surface defects

d) standards for surface treatment of fastener products: specify the types and specific requirements of product surface treatment

e) standards for product test of stainless steel standard parts: specify the contents of the above performance requirements test

3) standards for acceptance inspection, marking and packaging of stainless steel standard parts: specifically specify the qualified quality level and sampling plan of spot check items during factory acceptance, as well as the contents of product marking methods and packaging requirements

4) standards for fastener product marking methods: specify the contents of complete product marking methods and simplified marking methods

5) other standards of stainless steel fasteners: such as the standards of fastener terminology, the standards of fastener product weight, etc

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