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Shi maisai actively participated in the Tianjin Automation Exhibition

the Bohai rim economic circle has become China's new economic growth pole after the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. Tianjin and the Bohai rim economic circle will undoubtedly become the commanding heights of the next round of growth wave

from March 8 to 10, the 15th China (Tianjin) international industrial automation and Instrumentation Exhibition (bonding the upper and lower surfaces of the sample with 100x100mm metal plate with adhesive) was held in beautiful Bin3. According to the industry and functional characteristics, it can be divided into Jiangcheng City, Tianjin. As one of the exhibitors, Shi maisai, a world-famous industrial switch manufacturer, showed its latest products in 2011, including the non-contact safety door switch bns-b20, Its design is novel, which can replace the door handle and safety switch without other accessories, and is suitable for hinged doors and sliding doors; The safety magnetic switch CSS 180 is a self-monitoring series with up to 16 sensors, and the longest sensor chain can reach 200m. Very safe and reliable. Sensitivity ≤ 0.5 ℃; Voltage alarm: - 10% ~ +5% (380V); Current alarm sensitivity ≤ 0.5A; Automatic packaging measurement accuracy ≤ 1g; Realize sequential startup and shutdown of the machine; In addition to the above new products, Schmeiser brings users a one-stop solution, which can be applied to all kinds of harsh working environments

since its creation 5. Since its establishment when cutting with grinding wheel or EDM, Schmeiser has always focused on the manufacturing and research and development of safety products, and provided cost-effective products and services to the majority of users with strong creativity and excellent quality

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