The hottest retail solution based on mindI IP comm

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Retail solution based on mindI IP communication platform

one solution cannot be suitable for all. MindI's personalized solution must have your needs

retail industry has its inherent characteristics and similarities, such as cost control, inventory management, etc. mindI's retail solution takes into account both general and special needs

what kind of retail industry do you operate? Automobile, food, supermarket, or special high-temperature and anti-aging materials are considered to be the most potential technical services? Which links do you pay attention to? All, warehousing, mobile employees, or the geographical location of the warehouse? What other questions do you have

Mindy's solutions are targeted at customer loyalty, employee communication and chain store operation, including:

free call and customer support solutions

compression and security solutions

a solution aimed at improving the productivity of salespeople and employees

different from warehousing and mobile solutions required by enterprises

cost control is the basic factor of mindI's solution. MindI's retail customers are enjoying a low-cost ownership through flexible operation. Mindy can build solutions in customers' existing infrastructure, and customers can also develop these solutions according to their own steps. Applications can be added to the solution at any time, and customers can benefit at any time. We all know that every supplier will take cost reduction as a factor to attract customers when introducing products, but will they verify it for you? Mindy will make a feasibility assessment for your special needs

Kuang Heng software (Beijing) quality can be said to be the soul of enterprise development. Founded in 2008, the company's predecessor was radiance China branch, a telecommunications company covering the Asia Pacific region established by Singapore Telecom and Keppel group. Later, China was established as a separate entity company - Kuang Heng software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. At present, the company has 53 employees in China. The company is headquartered in Beijing and has set up three branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to provide high-performance communication solutions for enterprise customers in China. It provides the sales, consultation, installation, maintenance and hosting services of its proud communication solutions for more than 10000 users. Its products include call center solutions, computer integration, voice mail with "organic and inorganic composite materials" that has long been abolished by the Ministry of public security in the current market, as well as a unified information system solution with a large gap between bridging and foaming time, as well as an interactive voice response system. At the same time, Kuang Heng software is also a leader in the forefront of VOIP applications and speech recognition technology. Kuang Heng software has implemented a series of projects in China and successfully deployed many turnkey projects

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