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Unveiling the future of high-tech farms in the United States: vegetable production increased by 100 times

Abstract: according to CNET, Bowery, headquartered in Carney, New Jersey, calls itself a modern agricultural company because they combine technological progress with the local organic food movement to create a modern agricultural method that meets the challenges of future food

according to CNET, Bowery, headquartered in Carney, New Jersey, USA, calls itself a modern agricultural company because they combine technological progress with the local organic food movement to create a modern agricultural method that meets future food challenges

Bowery's headquarters is located in an inconspicuous warehouse on the Bank of the Bank of Kazakhstan, which is clearly visible in the nearby downtown Manhattan. Compared with ordinary agricultural land of the same area, modern farmers in this warehouse can produce 100 times more food

outside the door, you will never guess that there is a fully functional farm inside

before entering the farm, the workers need to change their uniforms. Even as a guest, I have to change my clothes and hair. This is far from the jeans and mud boots in the standard farm

irving fain, co-founder and CEO of Bowery farm, is discussing the mission of the farm with me. He and his entrepreneurial partners have raised $7.5 million

don't forget to clean your sole at the "cleaning station" on the way

The biggest advantage of Bowery indoor farm is that it has many advantages, most of which enter the landfill or the middle-level planting environment

Finn is introducing his team members. Only a few "modern farmers" are needed here to handle daily affairs. Most irrigation and lighting work can be done automatically

I have had many exhibitors say that the order number is higher than expected, and they have tasted some of their vegetables. In order to prove their ability to control the taste, Finn also let me taste several kinds of green vegetables, including the products currently being developed, which you can't buy outside now

this is Bill Miller (left) and Katie morich. They are sowing seeds in the soil

these vegetables are planted in a soil like medium, which can imitate the environment required for seed germination

after germination, the seeds will be transplanted into nutrient rich solution to completely replace the soil. The vegetables on each shelf are numbered to track their growth

indoor farms can also control the taste of vegetables

Finn explained, "there are various factors that can affect the taste of vegetables. We can use the customized software Bowery OS to highlight the different tastes of these plants by adjusting some variables, such as light intensity, light time, and the nutrition received by vegetables."

when walking between the farm shelves, workers can use the software on the tablet to track the growth of vegetables in the tray

this is leaf lettuce

in order to improve the technology based on the work results, the staff will take photos and record these vegetables at different stages

Tyler Jensen received a degree in controlled environmental agriculture from the University of Arizona. He is supervising the automation system of the farm

the distance between these vegetables in the late stage of growth is equal. The lightweight foam tray can be easily moved. Don't worry about waste, they can be cleaned and reused

agricultural scientist Tara o'heir needs to carefully check the vegetables that are ready to receive

magnifying glass provides great help

in terms of benefits, this modern agriculture can save a lot of water. Fein said, "indoor planting method can save 95% water than traditional agriculture, because we use automatic irrigation system, which can measure and maintain the optimal level of water required for vegetable growth. The remaining water can be recycled."

the improvement of productivity mainly depends on the following factors. Fein said: multi-layer vertical planting helps to improve productivity. At the same time, the bad conditions we plant such as oil pumps, oil valves, temperature controllers, etc. will cause changes in processing conditions. The speed of planting and harvesting vegetables is twice that of ordinary agricultural cycles. Therefore, more crops of vegetables can be planted every year, and the yield is much higher than that of traditional agriculture

workers are cleaning and reusing trays

when the acquisition is completed, it is the system that controls the operation of the experimental machine, and these vegetables will be packaged and transported out

everything is traceable. After receiving, the weight of the tray will be measured, and after packaging, these vegetables will be sent to grocery stores or restaurants in New York, New Jersey and other metropolises

osier thumbs up after harvesting vegetables. Bowery does not use any pesticides in the production process. They call these vegetables "post organic food". "When the USDA's organic food standards were specified, today's technology did not exist. Bowery's products were produced in a completely controllable Zero chemical environment to ensure freshness and purity," Fein said

because it can be planted anywhere indoors, green vegetables can be harvested almost every day in restaurants and shelves. You can find lettuce, arugula, kale and so on provided by Bowery in many supermarkets

compared with growing fresh green vegetables by yourself, the better thing is that Bowery provides workers with free Sara for lunch

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