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Retired teachers install street lights at their own expense for the convenience of night pedestrians

source: Wuhan Evening News

there are street lights on the road in Panlong City, but they don't light up for more than ten years. The relevant department actually said that they have not been handed over.

retired teachers install street lights at their own expense for the convenience of night pedestrians

67 year old teacher Tang, with his own strength, hopes to change the situation of having roads and no lights

surrounded by factories, schools and living areas, there is not even a street light in such a bustling location, In the evening, the lights go dark, seriously affecting the safety of driving and passers-by. Because there are no street lights, for many years, the road sections such as Panyi Road, located in panlongcheng Economic Development Zone, Huangpi District, have often been roast by local residents

on the 25th, when visiting this road, I noticed that because I really can't stand it, a retreat will cause damage to the machine. The teacher bought a lamp at his own expense and installed it on the roadside voluntarily to illuminate the way home of passers-by

retired teachers installed lights at their own expense to illuminate the students' way home

at 10 p.m. on the 25th, they drove into Jiahai urban industrial city, Panlong City Development Zone, Huangpi, and found that in contrast to the bustling street scenery, several branch roads, such as Panyi Road and Jiahai Ring Road, were dark

take Panyi road as an example, which starts from Songgang Second Road in the East and connects to Songgang third road with Jiahai Ring Road in the West. The 500 meter long two-way road is flanked by an industrial park with factories on one side and the Panlong campus of Huangpi No. 1 middle school separated by a wall on the other. At the west end of the road is the 10000 employee apartment of Jiahai industrial city

noticed that cars were parked on both sides of the road. Although it was already night, vehicles and pedestrians were still flowing, and from time to time, workers on the night shift and students after school passed by

in the darkness of about half a kilometer, a light in the middle of the road is particularly eye-catching from a distance

this is what I pulled in March this year. I hope it can make people who walk feel safer. Seeing the curious photos, an old man came out of a factory called Chenxi clothing on the roadside

the old man's name is tangyuanjie. He is 67 years old and is the guard of the factory. In March this year, his eldest son set up a factory here and hired more than 100 workers. He found the big problem that the street lamp didn't work. I really couldn't see it. So he spent more than 100 yuan to buy a LED street lamp and installed it at the gate of the factory. The lamp was turned on at 7 p.m. every day and turned off at 5 a.m. the next morning

before his retirement, Mr. Tang once taught in a rural primary school in Hanchuan. He was a teacher and a logistics worker, and he had deep feelings for education. He said that there are many garment factories nearby. Once the workers get off work at night, there will be a heavy traffic here, with many people and cars, and dangerous situations. What made him more worried was that many students in the Panlong campus of Huangpi No. 1 middle school across the street went to study by themselves every night. Many girls lived nearby. Whether riding or walking, it was not safe without lights. In addition to making it convenient for more than 100 people in the factory to go to and from work, the elderly install lights to illuminate the children's way to school

Mr. Tang said that the street lamp was powered from the factory, and the factory should bear the electricity bill. His son also agreed with this

female workers walk together and dare not walk at night when paying wages.

notice that a street lamp is installed every 50 meters along the way, but it just doesn't light up. Many lamps have rusted, and some have no lamp caps

at the west end of the road is the staff dormitory of Jiahai City Industrial City, where tens of thousands of people live. During the on-site visit, several workers walking on the road were interviewed at random

female worker Xiao Huang said that she worked nearby and had to go home through this road every night. Because the road is too dark without lights, everyone walks together after work and dares not to walk alone at all. Xiaoding, a female worker, said that a few years ago, many bosses used to pay in cash when they were paying wages. They didn't dare to leave at night when they had cash on them. As soon as they paid their wages, everyone hurried to find a nearby bank to deposit money

I have worked here for 5 years, and I have never seen a street light on. Xiao Liu, a female worker at huini garment factory, said that one night, she took the subway from the city center to her dormitory. As soon as she came to this road, she was caught and pestered by a strange man, which scared her to run

how many years have there been no street lights along the way? Lao Liu, the guard of a factory, said that the resistance value of each turn should be reduced as much as possible in the production of potentiometers. The street lamps on this road have been blind for at least 10 years

I hope this road will light up soon, so that my children will not be afraid after school. A parent of a student held on and said that her daughter was studying in the Panlong campus of Huangpi No. 1 middle school, and she had to pick her up in person in the evening

merchants generally install street lights in front of their doors

if there is a light that doesn't light up, it's not just all the way through the plate

public information shows that Jiahai urban industrial city covers an area of about 3000 mu, and thousands of enterprises are rounded at the vertical intersection of Songgang road and Songgang third road. During the field visit, it was found that in addition to more than half of the above two road lights, the Jiahai Ring Road, which is used to connect the industrial parks in various districts, is also dark at night

there are countless small restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and bars on Jiahai Ring Road, which is about 2 kilometers long. Merchants rent or buy shop fronts here, and this road has become a huge logistics system of Jiahai industrial city. Here, it has become a common phenomenon for businesses to install street lights to illuminate the roads in front of their doors

I'm not used to it. When I get off work at night, I dare to walk home only when I turn on the lighting. Seven days later, the young clerk of the hotel complained to di Dui that although the hotel was forced to install door lights, the road was closed after 0:00 a.m. and everyone was scared

Hu Shizhi, the boss of hairdressing salon, hoped that relevant departments would attach great importance to the street lamp problem. He came here to open a shop for two years. Because there was no street lamp, electric cars and cars often scraped in front of the door, and people often called the police for this. In addition, the dark environment often breeds theft

when the workers go home during the Spring Festival, it will be even darker here, and the timid dare not go out. Boss Gao of Yiyuan department store has operated here for more than 10 years. He took a look at the junction box of a street lamp pole in front of the door. You see, it was all broken

District street lamp management office: the black light section has not been handed over

as early as may 2017, the "style focus" column of Wuhan TV station paid attention to the installation of street lamps in Bailian outlets section of Tenglong Avenue in Huangpi District for more than five years, but the same problem has not been lit

at that time, xiongkeming, director of the street lamp management office of Huangpi District Construction Bureau, said that the street lamps were built by outlets at that time, and they were not handed over in time after the completion of the construction. It is reported that this problem has been properly solved after TV politics. On the 26th, Xiong Keming was symmetrical. He would immediately solve the problem of some street lights going out on Songgang 1st Road and Songgang 2nd road. However, as for the problem of no lights on on Panyi road and Jiahai Ring Road, which are the most popular among the masses, he said that these two sections have not been handed over and are not under municipal administration

Xiong Keming said that as far as he knew, at present, the above road sections are still under the management of Jiahai City, that is, the system pressure increases synchronously with the load. The industrial city is responsible for the management, because it is not under their control and has not been inspected. He did not know that the above street lights do not light up

it has been 10 years since the lights were on. Who will be responsible for the problem of street lights in Jiahai city industrial city? Find the property service center of the industrial city on the 27th. People often report the problem of street lamps, which is really a matter. A property agent surnamed Xu said that Jiahai industrial city was first built in 2003, and most of it was sold for factories. Up to now, there are nearly 1000 small and medium-sized enterprises with tens of thousands of employees and residents

street lamp is a problem left over by history. Xu said that during the construction of the original industrial city, Jiahai real estate had uniformly built street lamps, but with the delivery of the house, most of these street lamps went out after a year or two of use. She said that after searching the property, it turned out that these street lights had no independent power supply circuit, but were connected to nearby factories. The problem is that most of the owners who bought these plants cut off the lines due to renovation and various reasons. It is really difficult to rely on the property management to restore the line

Mr. Li from the Security Department of the property company has witnessed the growth of Jiahai industrial city in the past 10 years. He said that Jiahai industrial city has a large area, and many roads can be both pedestrian and open to traffic. In fact, it has become an open municipal road. Most of the factory buildings and facades in the industrial park have been sold to private people, but the supporting municipal facilities have seriously affected the lives of owners and migrant workers due to the aging problems of design and facilities. In the past two years, the lighting on some backbone roads in the industrial urban area has been handed over to the local municipal administration department, and gradually lit up after the transformation. He believes that local management departments should follow up and maintain these facilities in a timely manner

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