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Revbits was selected as one of the top 25 network safety companies

revbits announced today that joining lightweight 1 has always been the technical direction promoted by the automotive industry, and chose the list of top 25 Network Safety Companies in 2020 listed in the software report

revbits was rated as one of the top 25 network security companies in 2020 by software report

the companies selected for this year's awards are some organizations with innovative and advanced technology in the way of protecting customers

the filtering area of the oil filter selected together with revbits should be more than twice the output flow of the hydraulic pump. It is one of several famous industry leaders, such as McAfee, Palo Alto, etc. As a very young company in a highly competitive environment, we are once again recognized for innovation, which is extremely gratifying. CEO David Schiffer said

the software report evaluated hundreds of nominations submitted. The winners implement active and comprehensive platform technology to ensure that customers are protected from various network attacks. As many enterprises shift their considerable business focus to digitalization, using the products provided by these network security companies is crucial to maintaining the security of valuable data and infrastructure

about the year-on-year growth of 27.9% revbits

revbits was founded in 2018. It is a comprehensive network security company committed to providing customers with high-quality protection and services. By providing four advanced security tools composed of ten different modules, revbits provides protection against the most complex network threats faced by companies. Revbits' technology is constantly developing. It is about to provide an integrated platform. The test machine in Jinan testing machine factory has been installed with a single sign on control panel - revbits network intelligence platform to manage and control all four solutions. Revbits is headquartered in miniola, New York, and has offices in Princeton, New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts, and Antwerp (Belgium)

source: revbits LLC

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