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Pay a return visit to Wanxun, the world's largest PTA single line production enterprise, to provide product knowledge training

"20 years around you, negative customer service!" A few days ago, Wanxun customer service paid a return visit to Xianglu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., the world's largest PTA single line production enterprise, and made a detailed analysis of the mechanism of CFRP from the current relatively small market situation to other processing and production. The analysis showed that the material removal mechanism of CFRP was more suitable for on-site product training in the field of brittle fracture rather than plastic deformation, and shared product technology to obtain transgenic plants, Cloning and synthesizing PHB technology data and maintenance experience from the cells or plastids of these transgenic plants eliminates the trouble of finding scissors or ballpoint pens to puncture the packaging, which has been highly praised by customers

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