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How about a.o.smith/Smith e80vt1 80 l electric water heater? Will you regret it?

Smith 80 liter hot selling electric water heater recommendation: a.o.smith/Smith e80vt1 80 liter electric water heater, which was launched in March 2018, let's take a look at the first-hand experience, detailed configuration parameters and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, which may help you choose this water heater for reference

Because of what is well-known to the enterprise and why it has produced experimental machines for so many years

first, Smith e80vt1 hands-on experience:

reference price: ¥ 2828.00 (click to view today's tmall activity quotation)

experience experience: really, this Smith e80vt1 feels OK after a period of personal experience. It's their classic model, with a very fashionable appearance, and looks quite atmospheric on the whole, The design style is unconventional, and the texture is quite strong. I have just bought it myself. The style is my favorite, which is very easy to use, and the water is also large. Perfect shopping, every penny is worth the goods. For the sake of health, taking a hot bath cannot be saved. I must choose a regular brand, and Smith is the only first choice. In short, I am satisfied on the whole. More advantages and disadvantages evaluation details>

II. Detailed configuration of Smith e80vt1:

III. user comments on advantages and disadvantages of Smith e80vt1:

1. Great water heater. The previous water heater is broken. Now replace it with Smith, and the big brand is trustworthy! In particular, the installer was friendly and considerate. He was very careful. He made it very clear how to use it and how to after-sales in the future

2. The quality of the water heater is very good!! The installer is professional and the service attitude is also very good! The company made a timely return visit to the use situation, which was very considerate and satisfactory

3. My village is a little far away. The master is very timely, the service attitude is very good, and the material cost is not expensive. Almost all the body parts on the polar 1 car are Ao. Compared with 2015, the s Smith water heater brand is worth buying, and the baby is very bright

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