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The editor's language paper packaging market of the Chinese aerospace ocean going survey ship may decline like a cliff: "now, we are preparing for the Shenzhou VII mission to be implemented in the second half of the year."

in the night, the new generation of aerospace ocean going survey ship is brightly lit, just like a luxury cruise ship, which is indeed the case

this large-scale ocean survey ship just delivered for use belongs to the third generation of ocean survey ships in China. With a displacement of more than 20000 tons, the ship is equipped with the world's most advanced navigation, meteorology, measurement and control equipment. What is amazing is its star rated interior decoration - comfortable carpets, nearly 100 standard rooms equipped with independent toilets, 24-hour hot water, internal elevators, swimming pools and cinemas

on its side, Yuanwang 2 and Yuanwang 3, which represent the first and second generation ocean survey ships respectively, are berthed. These meritorious old ships look at the huge new ships as one era looks at another

"over the past 30 years, the Yuanwang fleet has expedited the oceans for more than 50 times, and completed 68 maritime measurement and control missions, with a success rate of 100%. We have created the miracle of aerospace ocean measurement and control for many times." Jianshilong, head of the China Aerospace ocean survey ship base, said

in October 1978, China Aerospace ocean going survey ship base began to be established on the Bank of the Yangtze River. Just over a year later, in May, 1980, the Yuanwang ship began to go out to sea and perform missions. They successfully completed the marine survey mission of long-range launch vehicles on the ocean more than 8000 kilometers away from the mainland, making China the fourth country with marine tracking and measurement capability after the United States, the Soviet Union and France

In April, 1984, the Yuanwang fleet successfully completed the measurement task of China's first geosynchronous experimental communication satellite, and realized the leap from carrier rocket measurement to satellite measurement of aerospace measurement ships

in the early 1990s, the question of whether the measurement ship can implement measurement and control has been in heated debate, because it will face great risks. However, Yuanwang has been transformed and equipped with advanced measurement and control system. It is patiently waiting for the soul stirring satellite rescue mission

at 3 a.m. on December 2, 1994, just 50 hours after the first dongfanghong-3 satellite lifted off, it was found that the rotation was abnormal and the attitude lost stability. At the critical moment, Yuanwang 2 was ordered to rush to the scheduled sea area to organize rescue. Nano ink undoubtedly has special advantages in fineness

after reaching the measurement and control sea area, Yuanwang 2 immediately entered the combat ready state. They were told that the satellite was about to enter the measurement and control area. All the usual measurement and control methods were too late to be used. The scientific and technological personnel were quick witted and boldly adopted the method of manually controlling the radar. In an instant, they sent several instructions and continuously sent the valuable data to the domestic measurement and control center. The satellite was finally saved

this is the first time in the history of China's Aerospace TT & C that a faulty satellite is manually controlled and ordered. Aerospace experts later commented that this was also a rare miracle in the world's record of satellite rescue

with the development of aerospace measurement and control technology, the first generation Yuanwang 1 and 2 ships can no longer meet the measurement and control requirements. In March, 1995, China's second-generation space ocean going survey ship Yuanwang 3 was completed and put into use. Three years later, the former Xiangyanghong 10 scientific investigation ship of the State Oceanic Administration of China was named Yuanwang 4 after technical transformation

in November 1999, the Yuanwang survey fleet carried out a huge expedition. Yuanwang No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4 ships deployed three oceans at the same time to open the sky, and carried out a series of measurement and control tasks such as solar sail deployment, orbit change, braking and return to shenzhou-1 spacecraft

the sea area where the Yuanwang fleet monitored and controlled the Shenzhou spacecraft was in the middle and high latitudes, with complex weather and bad sea conditions

On November 19, the fledgling Yuanwang 4 experienced a life and death test. "Yuanwang 4, I'm Beijing, I can't hear your voice." In the early morning, ship No. 4 basically lost contact with the outside world

it turned out that Yuanwang 4 was being tested by the Antarctic cyclone. A cyclone is equivalent to a typhoon, which is extremely destructive. If it strays into the center of the cyclone, it will be in danger of overboard. Yuanwang No. 4 was struggling in the force 10 wind. The wind set off huge waves, and a wave hit, covering the whole ship from front to back. The huge ship of 10000 tons just appeared on the crest of the wave, and immediately fell into a deep wave valley. Yuanwang 4 looks like a small boat in the vast ocean

due to the violent shaking of the hull and the excessive current of the satellite, the equipment was almost burned, and the external signal could not be received, so the equipment was forced to shut down

"the cyclone moves southeast." "OK, left full rudder!" Yuanwang 4 decided to sail northeast. "Adjust the angle of attack of the ship and extend the wave period!"

the telemetry equipment located in the bow of the ship slowly stabilized in the violent shaking. Twenty minutes before the launch, Satcom returned to normal, and Yuanwang 4 finally completed the mission excellently

at the end of 2006, two days before the joint training of the whole area of sinosat-2 mission, all the test equipment of yuanwang-1 had been fully adjusted to the best state. They suddenly received an order: a satellite was abnormal, and ship 1 immediately implemented emergency measurement and control of the satellite

people often compare Marine Measurement and control to "one gun for ten thousand people", and the change of measurement and control object means that all test states must be adjusted

yuanwang-1 immediately carried out equipment power on, work mode switching, track orbit calculation, actual combat software setting and other preparations, and formed the technical capability of emergency measurement and control satellite 30 minutes later

after that, yuanwang-1 operated continuously for three days and nights, and the satellite was finally rescued. Then, they immediately adjusted to the test state that the socket of Xinnuo No. 2 home appliance socket and the connecting terminal were made of flame-retardant materials. One day later, yuanwang-1 successfully completed the sinosat-2 maritime measurement and control mission

each time we go out to sea to perform tasks, the short term is one month, and the long term is several months. Most of the photos placed on the desks of the crew of Yuanwang fleet and set on the computer desktop are photos of their wives or children, where they place endless thoughts on their families. Delaying marriage, being unable to stay by their side when their loved ones give birth, their children get sick, and the elderly die is a problem they often need to face

the crew also have to endure the baptism of typhoons frequently, and the ship is rocking in the rough waves. While vomiting, the crew must stick to their posts and operate the equipment well

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