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Unveiling the security of the opening ceremony of the National Games: everyone has checked the three levels by using aircraft and machines

October is around 11 p.m., and more than 60000 spectators watched the opening ceremony of the National Games. Relevant national departments and industry associations have also formulated corresponding policies and measures to leave the venue. From 8 p.m., when people share the feast of the opening ceremony in a happy and peaceful atmosphere, more than 17000 public security police and armed police, fire fighting, military officers and soldiers, as well as security personnel Security volunteers are guarding the peace in their respective posts, ensuring that the opening ceremony is "absolutely safe and safe". Last night, they went straight to the scene and went deep into the front line to uncover the story behind the security of the opening ceremony of the National Games

Armed helicopters escort the national games yesterday, a helicopter patrolled over the National Games venue. In order to ensure safety, Jinan police invested a lot of police force to escort the opening ceremony of the National Games

during the Beijing Olympic Games, armed helicopters used to prevent terrorist attacks patrolled the airspace near the "bird's nest", which attracted people's attention. During the National Day Games, people saw the majestic posture of armed helicopters in the Olympic Sports Center. It was learned that in order to meet the needs of air security for the National Games, Jinan rented a military helicopter during the National Games to ensure that there would be a "air sentry" for rapid disposal in case of an air situation near the Olympic Sports Center Stadium

people have checked three levels: coins can be detected on their bodies

level 1: security personnel recognize tickets or people

around 6 p.m. last night, the audience entered the arena one after another. At gate 3, I saw volunteers standing in two rows at the gate, forming a channel, and the audience passed the first pass from here. The security personnel at the gate check whether the audience has tickets. Only those who hold tickets can enter. The security personnel recognized the tickets but not the people. Some people held cards but did not have tickets, so they were blocked by the security personnel outside the door

learned that the media and staff with work permits should enter from gate 4

the second level: no admission if the temperature exceeds 37.5 ℃

after passing the first level, the audience continues to walk forward. Near the security screening shed, two medical staff hold a human body rapid thermometer and measure the temperature of each audience

the National Games Organizing Committee stipulates that all personnel entering the venues must undergo body temperature testing, and personnel above 37.5 ℃ are not allowed to enter the competition venues. A total of 132 temperature detectors have been installed in the National Games venues, athletes' camps and reception hotels. See, the audience can only enter the security screening greenhouse after passing the temperature detection

the third level: no package is allowed to enter the hall

after the temperature test is normal, some spectators with packages on their backs temporarily deposit the packages at the request of the staff. Security personnel check the authenticity of the tickets of the audience through instruments

during the rehearsal of the opening ceremony, in view of the problems that many spectators brought bags, which affected the speed of security inspection, and the spectators gathered to enter the venue before the opening time, causing instant security inspection channel congestion, the Jinan public security organ timely reminded the masses through relevant media and text messages to be careful not to carry prohibited items. It was seen at the scene that the number of spectators with parcels was significantly reduced, and only a few spectators were required to deposit their parcels by security personnel

coins can be detected on the body

after passing the security gate, there are staff members holding metal detectors to detect the audience's body back and forth, even the collar, trouser legs and other places

when a worker holding a metal detector detects the position of a spectator's pants pocket, the detector alarms. The staff motioned to the audience to take out the items in their pockets, and the audience felt for a coin from their pockets. Then, the staff used a metal detector to detect the audience, and the audience passed safely. "After two inspections by the security gate and metal detector, it is difficult for the audience to bring prohibited items such as knives into the hall." Security personnel told. At the scene, we saw that the security personnel detected the audience very quickly, and the audience could accept the inspection without taking off their shoes and clothes. I learned that after several large concerts and rehearsals for the opening ceremony on October 12 and 14, the security personnel have been very familiar with the security inspection process

security personnel check their certificates at any time

after the audience enters the venue and takes their seats, the security personnel will check the certificates of the audience before the opening ceremony. A few days before the opening ceremony, the public security organ repeatedly reminded the audience to carry their ID card or work permit, officer's license, student's license, driver's license and other valid documents for security personnel to check at any time. It takes less than 10 minutes for each spectator to be seated from ticket inspection to admission

it was learned that in the evening of that day, Jinan police set up a total of 15 on-site security inspection greenhouses, including 6 vehicle inspection greenhouses, 9 people's inspection greenhouses, and 13 remote security inspection points. Measures such as exemption from inspection, remote security inspection, and on-site security inspection were implemented for all kinds of personnel and vehicles at different levels and regions. Certificates were strictly checked, and security inspection was fast, ensuring that people entered the seat area according to the time node

around the stadium, I saw some policemen in plain clothes, holding walkie talkies, walking around and patrolling at various entrances. These plainclothes policemen are anti pickpocketing policemen from the bus branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Their task is to crack down on ticket sellers and catch thieves. In addition, anti pickpocketing policemen are also on duty on the bus from the Olympic Sports Center to and from the urban area. Last night, the bus branch invested 350 police personnel

vehicle inspection: the detection mirror special inspection vehicle chassis

vehicles without a pass cannot enter the Olympic Sports Center at all. Vehicles with a pass must pass the security check before entering the Olympic Sports Center Stadium. The detection mirror special inspection vehicle chassis automatically takes photos and stores the images in the computer

I saw in the No. 8 vehicle inspection shed yesterday that after the car with a pass arrived at the entrance, the security personnel first checked the driver and passengers' certificates. After checking the certificate, the driver should slow down. If the negotiation is successful, the camera installed in the middle of the deceleration gate is turned on, and a clear scanning picture of the bottom of the car appears on the computer screen at the same time

the security personnel also took a car bottom detection mirror and stretched it under the car to detect the chassis of the car in question again. The chassis condition can be displayed at a glance on the computer screen, and some suspended suspicious objects or contraband can be found. Security inspectors told that all vehicles entering the Olympic Sports Center should be subject to security inspection. The chassis of the vehicle should be scanned. The scanner can identify different chassis of the vehicle body and will not miss key positions. The police will also check the cab, trunk, engine and other equipment

after the security check of the car, the driver and passengers have to walk through the security check door to see if they are carrying contraband. "I have found lighters, knives and other items from the car." Security inspectors said that once serious prohibited items were found in the car, the security forces would start the emergency procedures, and the explosive search equipment and explosive search dogs would be used, making it difficult for the prohibited items to pass

armored anti riot vehicle tires can be bulletproof

4.2 tons, and the speed can reach 120 kilometers per hour! The six armor plates are welded with high-strength homogeneous bulletproof steel plates. The window glasses and tires have bulletproof functions, and they run like a "mobile fortress". This is the armored anti riot vehicle equipped by the special police detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau. The armored anti riot vehicle is also equipped with an external view probe, which is defined as: the stress value required to make the metal produce a constant creep deformation or creep speed within a specified time is carried by nine tube anti riot launchers, which can launch nine tear gas bombs or smoke bombs at the same time, and the rear of the vehicle can be equipped with long-range strong light lamps and camera monitors

explosive ordnance disposal robot can explode dangerous goods

the explosive ordnance disposal robot costs more than 1.3 million yuan. The controller can freely control its action through the controller, and its arm imitates the human arm, which can do various actions of lifting, pulling and grasping. When the security personnel are not sure whether something is dangerous, they can command the explosive ordnance disposal robot to check it to avoid personal injury. In addition, the "arm" of the explosive disposal robot is equipped with two bubble guns, which can use air pressure to launch high-pressure water flow to explode dangerous goods

the "escort" of the country's largest maritime patrol ship

on October 15, the "maritime patrol 11" maritime patrol ship arrived in Rizhao, Shandong Province to participate in water security in the Rizhao competition area of the National Games. During the 11th National Games, "coast guard 11" will be connected with Rizhao maritime shore based maritime vessel traffic management system (VTS system) and automatic vessel identification system (AIS system) to conduct 24-hour monitoring, tracking and video evidence collection of targets in the location of maritime traffic, marine environment and maritime simultaneous adjustment fixtures, so as to ensure the safety of the National Games

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