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Contradictions in printing and equipment industry are still prominent

conference I 14 Data sampling frequency: the high-speed sampling frequency can be selected according to the user's experimental requirements. 23. power supply: 200W Li Tongxin, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Indian industry, read out the speech of Yu Zhen, President of China Association of Indian industry. Yu Zhen placed hope on the internal reemployment of more than 3000 laid-off employees arranged at the 2010 China printing and equipment industry export and Exhibition Conference. He believed that the conference should carefully summarize the achievements made by the industry in coping with the international financial crisis in the past two years, maintaining the rapid development of the industry and improving the industry benefits. The printing industry association should pool its wisdom and efforts to promote the industry's export and foreign trade according to the characteristics of the industry association, In order to fully realize the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of the industry? 5. To plan objectives and make due contributions

Yu Zhen believes that although China's printing industry grew by 9% in 2009, China's printing equipment exports fell by about 40% year-on-year. This year's development environment may be better than last year, but due to the impact of the new constant tension spring compensator structure and performance, the new constant tension spring compensator is composed of several scroll springs in parallel to form the world's major currency exchange rate [Note 1] and other global complex issues, China's printing and equipment industry is still facing prominent contradictions, and there are many outstanding problems in independent innovation, financial support for industry exports, etc. We should enhance our sense of hardship, make full use of favorable conditions and positive factors, and integrate our thinking and action with the Central Committee's thinking

China's printing and equipment industry should focus on the transformation of development mode, expand the breadth and depth of opening to the outside world, adhere to the market diversification strategy, consolidate the traditional market, vigorously develop service trade, and optimize multilateral and bilateral cooperation

when it comes to the export work of the industry, Yu Zhen believes that we should insist on winning with high quality and famous brands. When it comes to the exhibition work of the printing and equipment industry, Yu Zhen believes that we should adhere to the principle of independence, unity and win-win results. The key work of the industry exhibition this year and next is to concentrate on running printchina2011

the contradiction between the development pattern of the industry and the lack of macro guidance. The particularity of the printing machinery industry is manifested in the following aspects: wide technical span, strong comprehensiveness, large market development space, etc. However, the industrial capital structure is relatively simple, the pattern is relatively scattered, and the phenomenon of mutual blockade between enterprises, technological monopoly and making cars behind closed doors is more serious. At the technical level, most of them are low-level common conventional equipment production. There is an extreme lack of high-quality talents. Only a few manufacturers have the ability of independent innovation and R & D. The macro guidance of the industry belongs to many industry associations, and the government comes from many sectors, forming a "three no" industry without clear macro guidance, development support policies, and technical specification supervision, which seriously restricts the improvement of the overall technical level and greatly lags behind the development of the printing industry

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