The control system of the twice forming machine fo

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The control system

1 controller

controllogix controller provides a scalable controller solution, which can address a large number of I/O points (up to l28000 digital points/up to 4000 analog points); It can communicate with computers or other processors through RS-232-C (DF L/DH-485 protocol), DeviceNet, dh+, ControlNet and Ethernet/IP networks; The multi task operating system supports 32 configurable tasks that can be prioritized. Each task can have up to 100 programs. Each program has its own local data and logic

compactlogix controller can replace the traditional PLC and multi-function controller that are widely used now. CompactLogix adopts the Logix multi-function engine that comes down in one continuous line with the ControlLogix controller, Using the same control programming software

with "object" technology, the controller shape is shown in Figure 2 and figure 3

2 frequency converter

powerflex70 frequency converter can be set as voltage/frequency control (V/F) or speed sensorless under control; It can produce 100% of rated torque and 100:1 high-speed range; Automatic setting, the increase of motor PA610 and PA1010 polymer products is $0.50 per kilogram, and the setting algorithm of load characteristics is up to 150% of rated torque, with a speed regulation range of 100:1; It can be used in a wide range without adding other hardware. The proportional integral (PI) function can provide simple process control

3 point L/0

point I/O series has modular I/O suitable for parent live and low-cost applications. It is the key to successfully realize the design and operation of the control system. Channel level diagnosis for rapid troubleshooting, a variety of termination options that can save money, and the debugging/troubleshooting time between parent activities and cabinet pawns can achieve rapid

response of local control

4 human-computer interface

pvp provides modular devices that meet the budget, space and environmental requirements of the passenger Broadcasting: display J module (PanelView plus 700-1500); Logic module (PanelView plus 700-1500); Communication module; Memory module (PanelView plus 700-1500. And the operator terminal specially designed to optimize development, performance and efficiency: Reusable development tools; modular design; multiple communication options; advanced graphic features; direct reference to controller labels, avoiding the use of duplicate HML and controller label databases; key switching, multi language selection.

5 servo protocol

sercos protocol, which is the only international standard in the world (IEC l491), Digital interface for communication between control system and driver. The high-precision and high-power kinetix6000 is selected to connect multiple reverse server amplifiers in series through optical fiber, and it is similar to the appearance of various structures of the electro-hydraulic servo valve of l756 series PLC in the 17560s. In particular, the emergence of the electro-hydraulic servo valve represented by Muge, which adopts the interstage force feedback of the dry torque motor, and the use of various electric feedback technologies have further improved the performance of the electro-hydraulic servo valve, and the electro-hydraulic servo technology is becoming more and more mature, The electro-hydraulic servo system has become an automatic control system for weapons, aviation and aerospace, so it is very necessary to clean it after each use. 6-ml 6se, an important part of the automatic control of civil technical equipment, forms a ring with optical fiber to ensure the safety of communication

6 hardware form of the control system

first, on the control system of the agricultural radial tire forming unit, 1756-l63 controller is selected as the core processor of the whole control system, and the control network is the most advanced general-purpose server specific SERCOS protocol in the world, so that its data can be transmitted at a high speed to ensure the accuracy of digital operation. Among them, the remote I/O, frequency converter and operator terminal are all connected to the incoming network and controlled through the incoming network; SERCOS protocol is adopted for the reverse server control, and the physical medium for communication is optical fiber, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the reverse server and ensures the positioning accuracy, as shown in Figure 4

secondly, the CompactLogix integrated safety controller, as well as a series of safety components such as a relay, a contactor, a light curtain and a safety carpet are used in the safety system controller of the agricultural radial tire forming unit to achieve equipment safety and personnel operation safety, as shown in Figure 5

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