The continuous rise of the hottest crude oil boost

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The continuous rise of crude oil boosted the rise of monomer ethylene.

with the intensification of the European debt crisis and the turmoil of the Italian situation at this stage, the Italian problem is likely to become the trigger for a new round of economic crisis. The euro zone's confidence in rescuing Greece was frustrated, and there was no result in rescuing Italy, while Germany, France and other economies were affected. The warming of Iran's nuclear issue also predicts that war with Israel may be inevitable. Therefore, the international crude oil price is rising. Affected by the rising price of upstream crude oil, the monomer market rarely performed positively, and the ethylene market was red. Inching

Asia styrene rose, and FOB Korea closed at USD/T, up 16.5 USD/T. CFR China closed at USD/T, up 16 USD/T. During the trading day, domestic mainstream merchants purchased three December shipments at the price of USD 1330/ton FOB Korea, USD 1330/ton CFR East China main port and USD 1335 CFR East China main port

the ethylene market in Asia rose, and the market atmosphere began to warm up. The main reason for stopping overloaded operation was the tight supply in the spot market. CFR Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia 3. No random knocking or bumping is required during inspection. The crack growth rate of metal materials and the threshold value of materials are respectively 103. 2 US $5/ton and US $5/ton, up by US $17 and US $5.5/ton compared with last weekend. As most sellers have abundant supply of goods, they are not willing to enter the market

in terms of units, the naphtha steam cracking unit of Hunan petrochemical in Lishui, South Korea, is planned to be shut down for maintenance from March 1 to mid April next year, with an ethylene capacity of 720000 tons/year

the performance of domestic monomer market is still fairly good, and the ethylene market has recovered through negotiation. Driven by the rising oil price, Jiangsu styrene opened higher in early trading, and the market quotation was mostly yuan/ton

the butadiene market in Jiangsu has been consolidated in a narrow range, and the business reports are around yuan/ton. At present, the mentality of merchants is obviously divided. Some think that there is limited room for future market decline. The mentality of reluctant to sell is renewed, and the price is slightly higher than yesterday

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