The content of the new tariff on printing equipmen

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The content of this year's new printing equipment import tariff has been adjusted. In 2002, the overall level of China's import tariff was reduced to 12%, and the import tariff of printing equipment was also adjusted accordingly. The tariff adjustment of printing equipment covers a wide range. In terms of printing equipment, compared with traditional glass parts, 28 of the 31 tax items have been adjusted, with an adjustment area of more than 90%; With the exception of binding machines, paper cutting machines and parts, the import tariff of most printing machines fell by about 30%~40%. What accessories do offset printing agencies need? The tax was reduced from 22% to 14.8%. After printing for 3 ~ 5rain, the general level of equipment import tariff rate decreased from 15.45% to 11.125%, which is lower than the average import tariff level of 12% in China

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