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Glass Market: the contradiction between supply and demand has led to price pressure

since the beginning of the month, the overall trend of the glass spot market has been weak, the delivery pressure of production enterprises has not decreased, and the market confidence has weakened to a certain extent month on month. The current order situation of glass processing enterprises is less than expected. In terms of product structure, export orders are acceptable; Domestic building decoration orders decreased to a certain extent year on year. As a result, Canadian and Chinese enterprises are not willing to purchase glass, which is mainly used as soon as it is imported. Some production enterprises in northern China give downstream trade to save our consumption cost and protect the price of our enterprises. By the end of last month, the important strategic opportunity period for development was still over, and the sales policy became more flexible to further increase the outbound and withdrawal funds. The effect is average in the near future. In March, several cold repair and ignition production lines will be put into operation in the later stage, which also intensifies the wait-and-see mood of the intermediate channels

the production capacity in process was 924.3 million heavy containers, an increase of 0 million heavy containers compared with last week, and an increase of 10.26 million heavy containers compared with last year. At the end of the week, the industrial inventory was 44.87 million heavy boxes, an increase of 170000 heavy boxes compared with last week, and an increase of 11.42 million heavy boxes compared with last year. Weekend inventory days were 17.72 days, an increase of 0.07 days on a month on week basis and 4.36 days on a year-on-year basis

future market expectation: therefore, the contradiction between supply and demand causes overall pressure on spot prices, and it is difficult for manufacturers to reduce their overall inventory. Although some northern regions have recently increased by one The sales policy has not achieved satisfactory results. Neighboring manufacturers in East China and other regions have also taken some countermeasures. In the short term, the increment of the downstream consumer market is limited: the price pressure in some regions is too high

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