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With the development of social media, the channels of information transmission are more and more extensive. Once the company's product quality or other questions of the company occur, they are simply advertised. Therefore, for the door and window brand companies in the fierce competition and crisis prone environment, after the crisis comes, they should learn to do a good job of crisis public relations and take the crisis statement seriously

the importance of clear crisis statements

when facing a crisis, the most taboo is "a hundred schools of thought contend". There are multiple channel sources and voice channels. Let's say a word, everyone can withstand media interviews, and everyone can express their opinions to the public. When there is a crisis, door and window brand companies should prepare a crisis statement at the top of the list, that is, to put all the voices into one external communication channel, consistent emotion, consistent emotion, consistent information. At this time, the crisis statement is very important

door and window brand companies need to take seriously

the traditional writing method of crisis statement has various tutorials and editions. Generally speaking, the first sentence of the list describes the company's general mood, the second sentence represents the company's mood about this matter, the third sentence describes the handling measures being adopted by the company, the fourth sentence describes the actions to be adopted, and the fifth sentence looks forward to the future, expresses its position again, and concludes. This kind of crisis statement is generally inflexible, and even has the meaning of "plausibility" requested by the decree. To some extent, this is necessary, which shows that in the face of crisis, the door and window brand company is not perfunctory and casual, but serious

reject rigid statement

in the era of social media, the crisis statement issued on social media such as Weibo and wechat should depend on the crisis scene, not the same. Think about it. Now, the crisis statement will be released on social media. There are thousands of (potential) consumer groups on social media. The crisis statement can reach them more accurately, and they need to recognize and bear it. Therefore, if we still copy the traditional crisis statement, the biggest question is: if there is a stiff sense of distance, consumers will inevitably feel that the company is condescending, speak with a straight face, and even have the feeling of preaching and thinking that it is impossible

when a door and window brand company was complained about the quality of goods online by consumers, the crisis statement also said "reserve the right to investigate responsibility according to law", which sounded like threatening consumers. Therefore, the crisis statement on social media must use more affordable and humanized language personality of consumers, and fully demonstrate the sincerity of the company. Although it is not too late to make up for the lost, as far as door and window brand companies are concerned, preventing the outbreak of the crisis is the best statement that door and window brand companies are facing the crisis





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