Kaiya wooden door is the best arrangement

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Enjoy literary and artistic life, Choose Kaiya wooden door

the dream home of literary and artistic youth

has a natural and relaxed leisure atmosphere

freedom, comfort and beauty everywhere

people unconsciously sit down and enjoy time wantonly

open a door

feel the breath of the forest

smell the fragrance of the sun

touch the texture of life

walk into a door

enjoy the embrace of nature

experience life pure

taste the beauty of life

Open a door, Intimacy with nature

natural logs are filled with the smell of primeval forests

the texture of wood can't help touching the impulse

exquisite carving patterns are full of rich humanistic care

between opening and closing the door, you seem to integrate into the embrace of nature

Kaiya wooden door let the door see the mountain is no longer just a prologue

but also a way to open a healthy life

choose you

choose an elegant

world The bright

has to have a calm rope to control your heart

I know you are just right

this is a gift given by the inspiration of life

enjoy literary and artistic life, Choose Kaiya wooden door

2019 double city double exhibition heavy attack

Beijing Gate exhibition

booth number: Hall W1 -22b

exhibition time: March 15-18, 2019

Shanghai Construction Expo

booth number: Hall 3 -i205

exhibition time: March 26-28, 2019





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