The 6th floor of Fuzhou was smashed into an overhe

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Today, 987 received a report from a car driver that Shanlin · behind Cangshan Wanda; Banyan tree mansion, there is an owner who finished building the indoor load-bearing wall, but did not let go of the columns outside

↑ According to the informant, a resident of Building 8 of banyan tree mansion in Shanlin was decorating and knocked down most of the walls. From the outside, the house is completely hollow

after receiving the disclosure, 987 reporter Wei Han rushed to the scene and saw that the wall part that had been knocked down had been built. The construction worker said that he was a casual worker. He just came to build the wall without the knowledge of others, and the owner never showed up at the scene

from the field observation, the so-called load-bearing wall has not been completely knocked down, but only part of it has been demolished, and the demolished part has now been rebuilt

↑ 987 reporter Wei Han filmed on site

987 reporter Wei Han contacted the property of the community and said he was helpless about this matter

the property said: what the resident demolished before was not the load-bearing wall, but the facade. They stopped it immediately after finding it. At present, the property has reached an agreement with the owner of the household to replace the demolished wall

more information about the owner is inconvenient to disclose

987 the reporter sent the pictures and videos taken on the scene to a number of architectural designers. They all said: from the pictures, what is outside the balcony is not a load-bearing wall, but a decorative column. Removing it will affect the facade, not the structure& ldquo; But it is very likely that the load-bearing wall was demolished inside. However, the final confirmation can only be made after seeing the architectural drawing of the real estate& rdquo;

the designer also reminded that if there is a shear wall inside, the upper floor will collapse. Hurry to strengthen the structure





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