Preliminary conclusion of Chengdu division of 2019

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After the preliminary selection of Chengdu sub division of 2019 AI global competition, 16 projects advanced to the final of the sub division

on April 12, it was learned from the Executive Committee of the digital Expo that the Chengdu sub division of 2019 China international big data integration and innovation · AI global competition has completed the preliminary selection of projects, 16 projects stood out from 221 registered projects and won the admission ticket to the final of Chengdu sub division on April 15

then 16 projects that entered the finals of the sub division will be cancelled in this experiment, which are: traffic control auxiliary decision-making system project, but Zhilian Yuanjing - ultra sensitive water quality monitoring cloud platform project, zhiheyi medical and health hardware product development project, auto parts defect detection project, big data robot maintenance platform project based on industrial quick change device, industrial big data related project, epochal private dentist project, yuntu Ruishi project, ibone4. 0 Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot Project, children's health machine, such as looser found and intelligent preschool education cloud housekeeper project, intelligent on-site rapid poison detection equipment project, urban ultra narrow band IOT project, smart hand echo gesture interaction system project, leisurely alpha project, 5g cold storage server & chip module technology service provider project, industrial solder joint defect intelligent identification technology project

the Chengdu sub division started the project recruitment on March 10. As of April 5, there were 221 valid entries, involving natural language processing, data mining, artificial intelligence algorithms and other fields, which can be applied to many industries such as life, industry, medical treatment, transportation, agriculture, culture, education and so on. After the registration deadline, the Competition Organizing Committee immediately launched the online primary selection, scoring and selecting around the three major items and more than 10 sub items of the project: technological innovation, business model and project team, and finally determined 16 items that entered the final stage. (Zhang Haitao)


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