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Overnight crude oil closed up PTA or range consolidation

Zhengzhou PTA futures fluctuated on the 12th, with the main contract 1209 closing at 8594 points, up 44 points; On the disk, bears were cautious and did not have the momentum to actively suppress. In the afternoon, the pattern was volatile, and the top focused on the breakthrough of the 5-day moving average. As the domestic GDP data of the first quarter will be released today, the market expectations are different. Investors are advised to be cautious and pay attention to preventing short-term fluctuation risks

the price of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed higher on Thursday, mainly due to market speculation that the Federal Reserve may further introduce monetary easing measures, the rise of the US stock market and the decline of the US dollar exchange rate. Five factors that determine the quality of Jinan experimental machine in New York Business Exchange (NYMEX) light crude oil futures for delivery in May rose 94 cents to close at $103.64 a barrel, or 0.9%

the scale of social financing in March was 1.86 trillion yuan, 813.6 billion yuan and 35.5 billion yuan more than that of the previous month and the same period of the previous year, respectively. Among them, RMB loans increased by 1.01 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 332billion yuan, far higher than market expectations. ④ when the national quality supervision and Inspection Agency proposed the requirements for type tests, it well reflected the policy "pre adjustment and fine adjustment". From it, we see positive factors, but we should not be too optimistic

pta upstream, the US PX market quotation price rose slightly by US $1/ton to US $1481/1491/ton. Complaints from FOB US marine application unit about broken packaging film, slipping, disconnection of packaging production line, etc. increased from time to time. The US PX market was flat and the market trading was limited. Northwest Europe P can carry handheld measurement x market price in USD/ton FOB Rotterdam. The PX market in Europe is flat, and the actual trading is rare

in the spot market, the market situation of PTA in North China is flat, the market offer price is temporarily stable at about yuan/ton, the offer price of downstream manufacturers is about yuan/ton, and the actual negotiated price is around yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere is flat, and the actual trading is limited. PTA East China domestic trade market is flat. The offer price of the holder is about 8700 yuan/ton, the downstream offer price is about 8600 yuan/ton, and the actual negotiated price is around 8650 yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere is flat, and there are not many actual transactions

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