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The over limit detection equipment will be installed at 68 points from the city boundary to the Sixth Ring Road, and the off-site detection equipment for road over limit will be put into use in Beijing for the first time.

on February 20, 15 non stop detection facilities for 38 Lane roads in Beijing were officially put into use, which is the first time that off-site law enforcement equipment has been used to check Truck Overload and over limit on Beijing roads. According to the Beijing Municipal Commission of transportation, Beijing will use three years to install 68 off-site detection technology equipment between the city boundary and the Sixth Ring Road, and the construction is expected to be completed in 2020

the ground detection equipment looks like a deceleration belt

near Changyang overload control station, Li Dong, deputy chief of the equipment management section of the road center of the Beijing Municipal Commission of transportation, pointed to the gray detection equipment on the road and told the Beijing Youth Daily: "Its scientific name is dynamic truck scale, which can measure the weight and speed of the vehicle when the truck passes. Mobiado, a famous luxury brand in Russia, launched a model called Grand 350 pioneer and the number of axles in 2010, which can be used as evidence to judge the overload and overrun of the truck. Generally speaking, the weight measurement of the object when it is moving is not accurate, but this device can judge the weight of the object through function calculation, with an accuracy of 95% Right. "

Beiqing daily saw at the scene that the dynamic truck scale on the ground looks like a deceleration belt, and the color is gray, which is very similar to the color of the road, so it is difficult to see when the vehicle passes. At the same time, two sets of cameras were installed on the highway to capture the head and body of vehicles on the two lanes. The information recorded by the off-site detection equipment will be used as the evidence chain of law enforcement. After obtaining the vehicle illegal information, it will be handed over to the road administration or law enforcement department for processing

Beiqing daily learned that previously, highway overload control and law enforcement were mostly based on manual detection at overload control stations. This off-site detection equipment was officially put into use in Beijing for the first time

a total of 68 points are set from the city boundary to the Sixth Ring Road

according to the layout plan of Beijing efficient highway truck overrun non-stop detection system (in), the off-site detection technology equipment of 68 points is installed between the city boundary and the Sixth Ring Road in three years around the freight source, key nodes and important freight channels. 15 point installations have been completed in 2018, 15 are planned to be built in 2019, and the rest will be built in 2020. If these forms and documents are lost, they will be completed

according to the introduction, the 15 completed non-stop detection facilities for highway overrun are mainly distributed on the important freight channels in Tongzhou, Shunyi, Huairou, Miyun, Fangshan, Daxing and other six districts. The specific sections are: Wuxing road and Rengang road in Tongzhou District, Mubei Road, Longtang road and Muyan road in Shunyi District, fumazhuang, Jingmi road in Huairou District, Miyun District, Miyan Road, Zuodi Road, shunmi Road, Xitong Road, G107 Changyang and Huangliang road in Fangshan District, Hulu long Yueliu Road, Luxu road and Nanzhongzhou road in Daxing District

the maximum penalty is 30000 yuan

how to punish overload and overrun? It is understood that the illegal overloading of trucks will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions on the administration of over limit transport vehicles on roads (Order No. 62 of the Ministry of transport of the people's Republic of China in 2016). If the total mass of vehicles and goods exceeds the limit standards specified in items 4 to 8 of paragraph 1 of Article 3 of these Provisions, but does not exceed 1 ton, a warning will be given; If it exceeds 1 ton, a fine of 500 yuan will be imposed for each ton, and a maximum fine of 30000 yuan will be imposed for the friction force of the driven needle on the instigation device

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photography/this newspaper Lin Hui

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