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On October 19, the three-day 13th International power equipment and technology exhibition and the 6th International Electrical Engineering and Electrical Equipment Exhibition (2010 China International Power and electrical exhibition) opened at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. According to the organizer, the proportion of overseas exhibitors in this exhibition is as high as 65%, and the high degree of internationalization is one of the characteristics that this exhibition is different from other similar domestic exhibitions

the picture shows the scene of the 13th International power equipment and technology exhibition. Photo by Gao Zhixing

2010 China International Electric Power Exhibition was hosted by China Electricity Council and undertaken by Hong Kong Yashi exhibition company. The exhibition hall covers an area of 23000 square meters, and its scale is 30% larger than that of previous years, breaking previous records. The exhibition has attracted 500 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions in the electric power and electrical industry at home and abroad. They will discuss and show the utilization and Prospect of rubber and plastic and new materials in the three major industries with you, and show the new products and technologies in various electrical and electrical fields

in addition to displaying products and technologies, the organizer also planned many technical seminars and forums, which attracted downstream vehicle manufacturers. It built an exchange platform for the industry to meet the needs of the diversified universal experimental machine. If the servo valve is stuck, it will cause the flow to fluctuate. Among them, green power and smart power forums have attracted much attention

it requires multi-party cooperation in the industrial chain to get twice the result with half the effort. The organizer said that the next exhibition will be held in the Theme Pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo park from September 21 to 23, 2011. The exhibition area will reach 25000 square meters, and the scale will double that of the previous Shanghai power exhibition

theme: efficiency, environmental protection, safety and economy

the organizer said that at present, China's power industry is moving towards a higher goal of efficiency, environmental protection, safety and economy. In order to meet the needs of the times and vigorously introduce energy-saving and environmental protection technologies into the power industry, the exhibition focused on green and low-carbon projects and technologies, and held a forum on green power and smart electricity, as well as a special seminar on transmission and distribution, power environmental protection and energy-saving technologies. These forums and seminars closely focus on the characteristics of the power industry and invite industry experts and scholars to jointly discuss energy-saving and low-carbon solutions

role: explore the international market to obtain supply and demand information

as an exhibition with a high degree of internationalization, China International Electric Power and Engineering Exhibition 2010 has formed its own scale and characteristics. In today's economic globalization, China has become an important part of the world's power industry. Internationally advanced power technology has a broad market in China, and China's electromechanical exports will have great potential in the future. In order to strengthen international technical cooperation, this exhibition has built a platform for international demand and cooperation, and provided a good opportunity for domestic and foreign power equipment manufacturing enterprises to explore the power market, obtain supply and demand information, and develop new technologies and products

the organizer said that in the future, the China International Power and electrical exhibition will develop on a large scale and strengthen internationalization. At the same time, we will continue to innovate and plan technical topics of global common concern, such as power automation and power environmental protection

highlights: smart electrical elements are everywhere

at the exhibition, Areva, abb, Eurocode Garbo, AE PavA and other internationally renowned electrical enterprises have built no small booths. In order to attract visitors, exhibitors also made models of wind power generation equipment and took them to the exhibition for visitors to visit and control. Some exhibitors even moved real instruments to the venue, attracting many visitors to stop, making some boring electrical exhibitions lively

unlike previous exhibitions, the elements of smart electricity are increasing in this exhibition. Many of the brochures and exhibits on the booth are related to smart electricity. From power generation to power consumption, from high voltage to low voltage, whether it is wind power equipment or transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent power is everywhere

from 2009 to 2010, we have seen the advance speed of smart electricity. At the 2009 Exhibition, smart electricity was just a concept and a gimmick for enterprises to promote their products. In the 2010 exhibition, enterprises really implanted the concept into their products. The exhibition in 2011 will be another leap in the development of smart electricity

background link: the exhibition has a long history and great influence.

China International Electric Power and engineering exhibition, which began in 1986, is an International Exhibition hosted by the China Electricity Council. According to the usual practice, it is held once a year and held alternately in Beijing and Shanghai. This exhibition is the oldest, largest and most influential electric power and electrician exhibition in the domestic power industry. It has witnessed the rapid development of China's power industry, and has also made important contributions to the introduction of foreign advanced power technology and equipment, and the promotion of technical cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign power enterprises

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