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In three years, the paper production capacity of "China paper capital" may exceed 3.5 million tons

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core tip: four major paper giants gather - the industrial agglomeration ranks first in the country [China Packaging News] Feng Shaoguo, head of the manufacturing department of Zhongshun jierou (Hubei) Paper Co., Ltd., witnessed Xiaonan paper industry

[China Packaging News] Zhongshun jierou (Hubei) Feng Shaoguo, head of the manufacturing department of the paper industry Co., Ltd., witnessed the rapid development of Xiaonan paper industry

"in the late 1980s, it started from five enterprises producing toilet paper. In the 1990s, with the arrival of HengAn and Vida, the industry began to expand rapidly."

data show that in the past seven years, the growth rate of production and sales of Xiaonan paper industry has always remained above 20%

in addition to Heng'an and Vida, jinhongye and Zhongshun jierou also successively distributed Xiaonan. Xiaonan has become the only gathering place of the four Asian paper giants in China, with the industrial agglomeration ranking first in the country

with the four giants as the leader and more than 20 enterprises such as Wuhan Jieling, Shuangjia (Wright) paper, Senyuan paper and Jinde packaging as the backbone, Xiaonan has formed a paper industry cluster development pattern. In 2009, it was listed as a key industrial cluster in Hubei Province; In 2010, Xiaonan was awarded the "production base of household paper in China"

the product structure is increasingly optimized. Through the introduction of new enterprises and the guidance of old enterprises to increase technological transformation, while closing down the backward small paper-making enterprises with heavy pollution, high energy consumption and slow and continuous loading and unloading, the product structure of Xiaonan paper industry has been continuously optimized. At present, medium and high-grade household paper accounts for 100%

the industrial chain continues to be thickened and extended. With household paper manufacturing and sanitary products as the center, Xiaonan paper industry chain extends to both ends, and a series of products such as non-woven fabrics, packaging paper, cartons, packaging plastic films have been developed in the upstream, "A series of products such as roller paper, tissue paper, facial tissue paper, wet tissue paper, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diapers and other products have been derived from the downstream, and materials such as film and sole have been tried.

the industrial influence has been continuously improved. Xiaonan paper products enterprises have successively created" heart to heart printing "," Vida "," Qingfeng "," jierou "and" Jieling " And other 25 well-known brands, and their products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other more than 50 countries and regions

the paper industry has grown into a pillar industry. In 2017, the output value of Xiaonan paper industry was nearly 10billion yuan, and the tax revenue was 800million yuan. Among them, the tax revenue of HengAn has exceeded 200million yuan for four consecutive years, and that of Weida has exceeded 100 million yuan for five consecutive years

intelligent production, green industry

-- industrial clusters achieve high-quality transformation

in early July, Xiaonan high tech Zone. In Vida new town, workers are installing four dryers imported from Italy. After the new project is put into operation at the end of the year, the production capacity of Vida household paper will increase to 480000 tons, and Xiaonan will become an important strategic development base of Vida group

this is the fifth capacity expansion since Vida group deployed Xiaonan. Unlike in the past, this expansion means a new change in the production mode for Vader. "Automated logistics transmission lines and robots will replace manual work. Coupled with intelligent three-dimensional warehousing, the automation of the new plant will be greatly improved." Ma Zhongde, head of Weida nursing supplies (China) Co., Ltd

completed the accumulation of industrial volume, and Xiaonan paper industry began to seek a qualitative breakthrough through intelligent upgrading

guide enterprises to upgrade intellectually, and Xiaonan issued incentive policies to subsidize qualified intelligent technological transformation projects according to 5% of the actual investment in fixed assets, with a maximum of no more than 30million yuan

HengAn (Xiaogan) household products Co., Ltd. mainly produces maternal and child health products, and its "seven dimensional space" series sanitary napkins have the first market share in the country. This year, HengAn Xiaogan production base will have three new intelligent production lines and adopt sap and MES systems to realize intelligent production management

jinfenghuang paper (Xiaogan) Co., Ltd. has invested nearly 3 billion yuan, successively completed 200000 tons, 400000 tons of technological transformation projects and 700000 tons of expansion projects, and built four domestic leading high-speed wide width papermaking production lines and a full set of imported pulping, vacuum, pressing, transmission and other matching systems. After the technological transformation, the employment in the production link has decreased by 50%

at the same time of intelligent production, Xiaonan guides the paper industry to increase investment in environmental protection, develop circular economy, and realize the greening of the industry

in the production workshop of HengAn paper industry, waste recycling bags are neatly placed between the two production lines, and labels such as "bottom film material head and tail", "production waste", "plastic whole skin" are pasted on them. "We divide the production waste into more than 20 categories for recycling, and then treat it uniformly by the headquarters. The resource recycling rate reaches more than 95%." Li Ying, Minister of administration, said

during the second phase of capacity expansion of golden leaf paper industry, 160million yuan was invested to carry out the technical transformation of cogeneration projects, replace coal with natural gas, and constantly optimize the production process. The power consumption per ton of capacity was reduced from 1200 kwh to 780 kwh

building platforms and introducing projects to promote capacity expansion

-- building a 100 billion paper industry aircraft carrier

relying on advantageous industries to promote high-quality development, Xiaonan has high hopes for the paper industry: sprint through the 100 billion industry, drive economic take-off, and become the first tier of the county economy

Xiaonan aims to achieve a three-year development goal. By 2020, the production capacity will reach 3.5 million tons, including 1.5 million tons of household paper and more than 2 million tons of packaging paper

build platform. Xiaonan Economic Development Zone, a paper industry gathering platform built with high standards in Xiaonan, has a total planning area of 100 square kilometers. This workstation is invested every year with more than 100 million yuan after Dongqing company was approved to build a national enterprise technology center, Heilongjiang aluminum magnesium alloy material laboratory, Heilongjiang light alloy material engineering technology research center, and Heilongjiang enterprise technology research and development center, with a completed area of 33 square kilometers. At present, Xiaonan is accelerating the construction of 15 square kilometers of Hanxiao Industrial Park, 10 square kilometers of North Development Zone, and 8 square kilometers of Bayi paper packaging industrial park. Among them, based on the Bayi Industrial Park and relying on the Golden Phoenix paper industry, Xiaonan accelerates the planning and construction of a modern packaging paper industrial park with an output value of 20billion yuan

attract investment. Focusing on the paper industry, the whole industry, the whole chain, and the whole element precision investment attraction, improve the industrial supporting capacity. The lippon household paper project with an investment of 5billion yuan, the jinsanfa non-woven fabric project with an investment of 2billion yuan, and the jinfenghuang paper industry expansion project with an investment of 2billion yuan have successively settled in Xiaonan

promote capacity expansion. By optimizing the business environment, a number of enterprises such as jinhongye, Weida, HengAn, Zhongshun and Jinde have continued to expand their capacity. Since this year, the 320000 ton capacity expansion project of Weida paper and the 300000 ton construction project of Zhongshun paper have been launched successively, and HengAn has launched three new nursing supplies production lines

data show that Xiaonan paper industry currently has 14 reserve projects with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, the production capacity of Xiaonan household paper will be expanded to 2million tons, accounting for one fifth of the country

a number of fast-moving large projects have made the "Chinese paper capital" vibrant

at present, the production capacity of 1.3 million tons of production lines in phase I and phase II of Golden Phoenix is fully released, and the tax revenue in the first four months is 119 million yuan; The construction of the 120000 ton main project of phase I of Weida new city project is coming to an end, and it can be fully put into operation at the end of the year; Jieling phase I has 16 production lines installed, 6 production lines put into operation, and the main body of phase II is basically completed; Four production lines of xinrou technology have been put into operation and two are being accelerated; Hengan has three new nursing supplies production lines, and one production line has been put into production

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