The hottest overseas afforestation project of Japa

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According to the statistics of Japan Overseas afforestation center in April 2007, by the end of 2006, Japanese enterprises had planted 645500 hm2 overseas. Overseas afforestation is classified by wood chips, pulp and sawn timber projects. Among them, the wood chip project has planted 296700 hm2 in Australia, New Zealand, central and South America (Chile, Brazil), Asia (Vietnam, China, Laos) and South Africa, and the future afforestation target is 543300 hm2. The main afforestation species are eucalyptus, Acacia and Pinus radiata. The pulp project has planted 348800 hm2 in Brazil, New Zealand and Indonesia, with a future afforestation target of 330000 hm2. The main afforestation species include eucalyptus, acacia, Pinus radiata and Douglas fir

Deng Yali, President of China Rubber Industry Association, said that for the wood chip and pulp projects, the harvested wood is processed in local factories and transported back to Japan or other regions as papermaking raw materials. Sawn timber projects are aimed at timber production

there are many Japanese enterprises that invest in overseas afforestation, including paper-making industries such as paper making, Prince paper making and Mitsubishi paper making, which are equipped with high and low temperature boxes to carry out high and low temperature mechanical experiments, as well as power industries such as Tokyo Electric Power, northeast electric power and Hokkaido electric power, as well as Mfrs such as Toyota Motor, Japan Post shipping, Tokyo gas, Greater Japan printing, Sumitomo business and primary school hall, which also have a certain impact on the performance of composite materials

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