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Overcapacity intensified. Last year, the price of thermal power equipment fell by nearly 40%

during the period of rapid economic development from 2004 to 2006, the installed capacity of new thermal power equipment in China was about 100million kW. The national thermal power equipment manufacturing capacity has reached 100million kW. Since 2008, China's thermal power equipment market has declined rapidly, and has remained at about 50million kW in recent years, a sharp decrease of 50% over the previous peak years. The problem of excess equipment manufacturing capacity has become prominent. Sundeyi, director of the Research Office of Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, said at the recent overcapacity governance seminar that overcapacity has led to a serious decline in equipment prices. In 2013, the price of thermal power equipment fell by nearly 40% compared with the peak years

according to the latest statistics of China Electricity Council, from January to may, the cumulative average utilization hours of power generation equipment across the country were 1733 hours, 59 hours lower than the same period last year, and the decline was 23 hours higher than that from January to April. The average utilization hours of thermal power equipment across the country were 1999 hours, a decrease of 17 hours over the same period last year, and a decrease of 14 hours over the period from January to April. This year, power generation equipment manufacturers in the plight of overcapacity and falling prices are still having a hard time

overcapacity of power generation equipment highlights

in 2013, China's power generation equipment output was about 120million kW, accounting for about 60% of the global total. With the adjustment of domestic power supply structure and construction scale, the domestic market will stabilize at the annual average installed capacity level of 50million ~ 60million kW in the coming period of time, which means that there will be a certain degree of overcapacity, and the contradiction of overcapacity of conventional thermal power units is more prominent

in terms of hydropower equipment, at present, domestic hydropower equipment enterprises (including foreign-funded enterprises) have an annual capacity of 25-30 million KW, while the domestic annual average installed capacity of hydropower in the next few years is only about 12-15 million KW. After 2020, the overall demand of the domestic hydropower equipment market is expected to fall below 5million kW/year, which means that a large amount of excess capacity will find another way out. He Jianhua, general manager of Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongfang Electric Group, said in an interview with China Power News

since this year, the voice of accelerating the construction of nuclear power along the eastern coast of China has become increasingly strong, bringing a glimmer of dawn to nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprises that have been in the dilemma of order shortage for a long time. In fact, China has the ability to produce 10 sets of nuclear power equipment per year. However, according to the existing information, the three basic configurations of intelligent nuclear power market in China in the future are expected to be 2-3 units: mainframe, microcomputer and printer. In the future, the capacity of nuclear power equipment manufacturing will be empty, and this phenomenon will appear in 2014 and 2015. However, at present, the domestic nuclear power equipment market is generally oversupplied. If nuclear power construction cannot be sustained, stable and balanced, it will not only cause huge economic losses, but also lose a new round of nuclear power development opportunities in the global context

in contrast, wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy equipment industries, although this year, under the encouragement of relevant national policies, the industry must repair in time for the second spring of recovery, but its prices have fallen significantly. Even if the government has increased relevant electricity price subsidies or increased support, most manufacturing enterprises still face greater financial pressure

on the one hand, overcapacity forced manufacturing enterprises to transform and upgrade, and the industry concentration was greatly improved. On the other hand, if a large amount of excess capacity cannot be effectively released, it will undoubtedly be a great disaster for manufacturing enterprises. Baiwenbo, Deputy Secretary General of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, told China Power News

manufacturing enterprises seek diversified layout

in the face of overcapacity in the domestic power generation equipment market, Chinese manufacturing enterprises, on the one hand, carry out research and development and scale application of clean and efficient power generation equipment such as large capacity and high parameters of sample preparation; On the other hand, from the traditional thermal power equipment based business model to the thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic and other multi power mode. While consolidating the domestic market, we should make greater efforts to explore the international market

in fact, although China has become a big country in equipment manufacturing, it is not a strong country in equipment manufacturing, and there is still a large gap compared with advanced countries. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the ability of independent innovation is weak, the level of R & D and design is low, the means of test and detection are insufficient, and the key common technologies are missing. Second, the basic supporting capacity is insufficient, the core parts are controlled by others, the basic manufacturing process is backward, and the key materials depend on imports. Third, the industrial structure is unreasonable, with excess low-end capacity, insufficient high-end capacity, and the development of producer services lags behind. Fourth, the quality and efficiency of development are not high. At present, the added value rate of China's equipment industry is 26%, 6-8 percentage points lower than the average level of developed countries

in sun Deyi's view, China's power equipment enterprises have increased their share in the global market year by year, and have the ability to participate in global competition. In recent years, the development of electric power in China has led to the vigorous development of power equipment industry, and the situation of power generation equipment enterprises going out is good. It has undertaken many overseas projects in many countries and regions, directly driving the output of power equipment. At the same time, China's power equipment is reliable and stable, and has great advantages in price, which has formed its competitiveness in the international market as a whole

taking the Brazilian power market as an example, China's hydropower equipment, photovoltaic products, and high-voltage switchgear products went abroad in large quantities, and their excellent performance and high reliability provided protection for the electricity consumption of competition venues and urban residents during the world cup in Brazil, which means that western countries have dispelled their doubts about China's power equipment and began to accept China's power equipment

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