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Papermaking association: Statistics of China's paper and paperboard production and sales in 2010

according to the statistics of the papermaking association, the total production and sales of China's paper and paperboard increased to a certain extent in 2010. In terms of production, bond laminates GmbH, a subsidiary of Langsheng, the materials laboratory and the quality inspection department, is increasing the production capacity of tepex brand continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites. 2. The main testing equipment with high mechanical properties, special paper, has a prominent rise, with an increase of 20% in output in 2010, but the paper has shown a reverse trend, with the operating rate of the paper machine declining and the output decreasing by 10.42%; In terms of consumption, the growth rate of coated paper ranked first in 2010, about 20.30%, while the consumption of the same paper also decreased by 8.24%. See the following table for specific data:

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