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Overseas demand is in the recovery stage, and it is expected that Shanghai copper will continue to fluctuate at a high level

the trend of Shanghai copper fluctuated last week. The corresponding management department in the current month lacks a reconciliation mechanism. The average weekly settlement price of the contract is 52032 yuan/ton, with an average daily increase of 38 yuan/ton; The average price of the previous week was 49896 yuan/ton, up 4.28% month on month. Last week, Shanghai copper inventory continued the rising trend of foreign enterprises, increasing by 21311 tons to 158647 tons, an increase of 15.52%, and the cumulative increase of 58.69% in the last three weeks. Last week, the high level of Lun copper corrected. The average price of LME copper in the first four trading days was $6462.75/ton, with an average daily decline of $4.75/ton; Last week, the average price was $6259/ton, up 3.26% month on month

China's copper imports in June surged by more than 50% month on month, doubling year-on-year, due to the expansion of manufacturing activities, the obvious rebound in downstream consumption, and the shortage of scrap copper supply; Recently, domestic refined copper inventory has rebounded continuously, and the inventory inflection point appears, but the global dominant inventory is still at a low level as a whole. At present, there are signs of marginal weakness in downstream consumption, and the impact of import supply is large, as well as the pressure of macro adverse factors such as the tension between China and the United States. Last week, the upward movement of copper prices was blocked, and the overall price remained high and volatile

in the market, the domestic spot copper price fluctuated at a high level in the week of July 17. The average price of non-ferrous metal 1# copper in the Yangtze River was reported at 52142 yuan/ton, with an average daily increase of 194 yuan/ton and a weekly increase of 1.91%; The average price of the previous week was 49964 yuan/ton, up 2178 yuan/ton compared with last week, up 4.36% month on month. As of Friday, the spot aluminum price of the Yangtze River was reported to be between yuan/ton, the ring opening control volume was reduced, down 370 yuan from last week, and the future cash premium was expanded to 280; It is expected that the short-term decline will slow down, and stable medium and small rises will not be ruled out. It is expected that the fluctuation range of spot aluminum in East China next week; Operate small purchases

in terms of inventory, the domestic electrolytic aluminum inventory last week was 106000 tons in Shanghai, 216000 tons in Wuxi, 100000 tons in Hangzhou, 42000 tons in Gongyi, 175000 tons in Nanhai, 59000 tons in Tianjin, 6000 tons in Linyi, 4000 tons in Chongqing, 708000 tons in total in aluminum ingot inventory in consumer areas, and 4000 tons in weekly inventory reduction

in the first half of the year, China's economy first fell and then rose, and its economic operation showed a restorative growth and steady recovery trend, but the external risks and challenges increased significantly. At the same time, it is necessary to collect real-time data on working parameters such as friction force, impact force, temperature, load, speed, wear rate or tribological characteristic parameters in the experiment. There is still pressure on domestic economic recovery. On the fundamentals, the speculation about the strike of copper mines in Chile has cooled down, but there is still support on the supply side; The domestic automotive industry continues to pick up, and the demand for wires and cables remains high. Real estate investment increased year-on-year in June. The demand for copper in the second half of the year is still worthy of expectation. Overseas demand is in the recovery stage, and copper prices are expected to continue to fluctuate at a high level

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