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Overcapacity leads to crisis the furniture industry is facing a huge test

overcapacity leads to crisis the furniture industry is facing a huge test

August 3, 2018

[China paint information] with the introduction of the new deal in the real estate market, it has triggered the purchase of houses and sealing. This is about the failure of the pressure testing machine, which often occurs. The cone enters the pouring room until the wedge is detained to lock the decoration boom, driving the development of the furniture industry. Seeing business opportunities, many enterprises have joined the furniture industry, hoping to get a "piece of the cake". Most of the existing furniture enterprises have also adjusted their development strategies and increased their production in order to sell more products, increase sales and obtain more benefits

however, according to the survey, although the new deal in the real estate market has triggered a decoration boom, which has increased the sales of furniture products to a certain extent, and consumer demand is also growing synchronously, it is far from keeping up and has promoted the growth rate of industrial output in the transformation and upgrading of many industries. Among them, some enterprises' production planning is unreasonable, and they do not adjust their strategies according to market conditions, but blindly produce products, resulting in excessive product output. In addition, some furniture enterprises only see short-term interests and ignore product quality in order to pursue product quantity and production speed. As a result, poor product quality and product homogeneity cannot attract consumers to buy, resulting in serious hoarding of products, which has further increased the problem of overcapacity

therefore, some insiders said that the current furniture industry is in a relatively "market saturated" state. Overcapacity has become an unavoidable problem in the industry, and the industry competition has gradually become white hot

it is true that although the furniture industry is facing a huge test, there are also a few enterprises that actively respond to the problem of overcapacity and stand firm in the market through the strategic planning of reasonable and fine universal material testing machine system loading

overcapacity is a problem that will basically occur when the industry develops to a certain stage. To deal with this problem, enterprises should plan and solve it from two aspects: rational production and product differentiation. Furniture enterprises should formulate production strategies and make production plans according to market conditions and their own development at any time to avoid overcapacity and waste of resources. At the same time, the enterprise needs to build a professional R & D and design team, committed to the differentiation, innovation and practicality of furniture products. Furniture enterprises can only be favored by consumers if they produce differentiated products with better styles and functions than other enterprises, and the sales volume will naturally rise

in short, in order to truly avoid the problem of overcapacity in the furniture industry, more enterprises need to be aware of the importance of asking this question and take relevant measures to ensure that enterprises do not have overcapacity, which can naturally effectively solve the problem of overcapacity in the industry

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