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Meng Guoqiang, President of the Circulation Association, came to Lisa paint research

this research, Zhongshan Lisa paint Co., Ltd. gained confidence, and Meng Guoqiang took away the materials of Lisa paint

on July 10, Zhongshan helped customers achieve a win-win situation. The hot sun made people sweat in a few minutes. On the contrary, the paint to the countryside policy has not been released yet, and the passion of many enterprises has changed from hot to cold. Zhongshan Lisa paint Co., Ltd. did not give up its efforts, but arranged thousands of sales points in villages and towns across the country, covering more than 95% in some provinces and cities - which is far beyond the standard of the China Building Materials Circulation Association in the "building materials to the countryside" enterprise access proposal, and also attracted Meng Guoqiang, President of the China Building Materials Circulation Association, to visit

China Building Materials Circulation Association is the promoter and main proponent of the policy of sending building materials to the countryside. As the president, Meng Guoqiang is even more busy for it. This time, I took the time out of my busy schedule to come to Zhongshan Lisa paint Co., Ltd. for investigation

Ge Baojing, the general manager of the company, and the heads of various departments received three people led by Meng Guoqiang. The two sides exchanged views on the development of building materials in the countryside and enterprises, and visited the production workshop of Lisa company

the heads of the main departments of Lisa's products, research and development, quality, sales, marketing and so on introduced the company's situation and the work they had done for building materials to the countryside - developing products for the rural market, such as "trust Mart" and "baijiajing", more affordable packaging, improved quality management, better publicity and services, etc., and also cooperated with the people's Insurance Company of China, Give millions of life insurance to every consumer who buys Lisa paint

Meng Guoqiang agreed with the development of Lisa company and the efforts made by paint to the countryside and paint to the countryside. He said that Lisa company did not sit, wait, rely on, but rely on its own efforts. Before the policy came out, it took the first step to improve products, research and development, quality management, sales channels, services and other aspects. "Building materials to the countryside" is the need for enterprises like Lisa paint

Meng Guoqiang made four suggestions to Lisa company, encouraging the company to: further deepen the logistics, so that every rural consumer can enjoy the company's high-quality products; At the same time, we should speed up technology research and development to make products less polluting and more colors and varieties; Ensure that the product quality is stable and the price is suitable for rural consumers; Before the introduction of the paint to the countryside policy, enterprises should first ensure that the products reach rural consumers, can be used, easy to use, and farmers are satisfied. He also said that the association will continue to strive for a better business environment for enterprises to go to the countryside. Rural market is a trend of China's economic development in the future. Whoever goes first will develop first. At the same time, Meng Guoqiang specifically asked for a copy of Lisa paint company information to take back

Meng Guoqiang's affirmation gave Lisa's leadership confidence in development. Ge Baojing said that everything about Lisa paint belongs to society. The achievements we have made should ultimately be given back to employees, society and ordinary people. We should make every rural consumer's hard-earned money worth it, so that everyone can afford it and use it well. All Lisa people will go all out for this goal

it is reported that Zhongshan Lisa paint Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the hometown of a great man, covering an area of 57 mu, with a fixed investment of more than 20million yuan. In the past ten years, the company has grown at a rate of more than 50% every year, and its sales network covers the national market. It is the flagship enterprise of Guangdong coating industry, the executive director unit of Guangdong coating Association, the integrity enterprise of Guangdong coating industry, the AA grade enterprise of China Building materials trading credit, and the well-known trademark of China

the company is mainly engaged in decoration wood paint, interior and exterior wall emulsion paint, furniture paint, nitrocellulose paint, art paint, texture paint, etc. The company has certain scale advantages and scientific research strength. The products it produces have stable quality and high cost performance. All of them have passed the "national 3C compulsory certification" and "China Environmental Label ten ring certification". At the same time, the enterprise has fully passed the ISO14001 international environmental system certification and ISO9001 international quality system certification, And the market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded. In October 2009, it won the honor of "designated paint for the 18th Asian Track and Field Championships". Although the product quality of lithium-ion battery separator has been significantly improved, the brand of "desert oasis" paint under the company officially became a "well-known trademark in China" in February 2010

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