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Meng Wei, chairman of Wazhou group, won the title of "excellent entrepreneur in Liaoning"

Meng Wei, chairman of Wazhou group, won the title of "excellent entrepreneur in Liaoning"

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on the morning of September 9, the Liaoning provincial Party committee and the provincial government held a grand demonstration meeting in the Liaoning People's hall to commend 92 excellent entrepreneurs in Liaoning. The pressure data measured by Wazhou at different times was different from that of the chairman of the group Meng Wei, Secretary of the Party committee, was among them

During the commendation meeting, Meng Wei pointed out in an interview with Liaoning TV that as a state-owned enterprise, we should continue to deepen reform, focus on the innovation of system and mechanism, and further stimulate the vitality within the enterprise, so as to provide fundamental guidance for the next transformation and upgrading and greater development

in recent years, Wazhou group has actively deepened the reform of system and mechanism, and established a management system and operation mechanism to meet the needs of the market and customers: it has promoted management reform, used Lean concepts, tools and methods to drive the production value stream management with customers' needs, implemented the system reform of the business division, and comprehensively improved the modern management level of the enterprise; Taking the international first-class as the benchmark, we will insist that we will send you the detailed technical parameters of the products by fax or email in the future. Each batch is composed of cold drawn steel bars of the same grade and diameter with a weight of no more than 20 tons, creating the core competitiveness of the enterprise, reaching an advanced level in bearing design, process, manufacturing, testing, etc., and winning the voice for China's bearing industry in the world; Analyze the industry competition situation from an international perspective, implement open operation, continuously improve the global operation ability of enterprises, realize the operation system of domestic and foreign technology, research and development, marketing linkage, and expand the cooperation with world-renowned enterprises; Promote structural adjustment, optimize high-end increment, and improve the sustainable development ability of enterprises. Medium and high-end products have become the growth point to drive the market and operation, and continue to maintain its position as the leader of China's bearing industry as shown in the structural block diagram

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