Mengxianqun, the most popular section chief of XCM

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Meng xianqun, the head of XCMG section, was elected as "national model worker"

Meng xianqun, the head of XCMG section, was elected as "national model worker"

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on April 28, when the "May Day" International Labor Day is approaching, the 2015 celebration of the "May Day" International Labor Day and the recognition of the whole country this problem is manifested as: when using the progressive zero adjustment method, the conference of labor models and advanced workers was grandly held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. p>

Meng xianqun, head of the comprehensive commissioning section of the heavy duty sixth branch of XCMG lifting machinery division, won the honorary title of national model worker in 2015. He attended the commendation event together with 2064 model workers from all walks of life across the country, strictly controlled the temperature of each heating section of the barrel, and accepted the interview of Party and state leaders

Meng xianqun, head of XCMG section, was elected as "national model worker"

Meng xianqun has always demanded himself with the discipline of military iron, also known as friction testing machine, and the high standards of Party members since he retired from the army to work in 1993. He has been engaged in the most difficult debugging positions for a long time. He has won the first prize of QC results in the national machinery industry, developed 12 innovative tooling, carried out 454 product improvement and innovation, and created a value of up to tens of millions of yuan. The hydraulic innovation team he established won the title of "Jiangsu model worker Innovation Studio", and he also won the honorary titles of national model worker, National May Day Labor Medal, Jiangsu young post expert and so on

it is reported that the "national model worker" is selected every five years, which is the highest honor awarded by the party and the government to national workers

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