Mercerized velvet, the hottest sports fabric, made

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Sports fabric "mercerized velvet" made its debut in the market

recently, a kind of sports fabric "mercerized velvet", which looks like silk but not silk, took the lead in various markets, attracting the attention of many merchants with its colorful new faces. In addition to a small number of spot purchases, it is mostly ordered by sample selection

this product uses 75d*50d as raw material, which is polyester bright FDY raw material (triangular shaped bright silk), and is woven by 32e (needle) warp knitting machine. With its bottom "However, the surface is in the shape of longitudinal stripes, and there are obvious horizontal stripes on the surface. The style of the cloth is relatively delicate, the flatness of the cloth is good, the texture is clear, and other unique tensile testing machine fixtures can also be equipped with ordinary computers. There is no fixed situation in the structure. The advantages of alloy steel manufacturing have won the love of urban and rural consumers. The width of this cloth is 155cm, and the gram weight is 180gsm. It is now on the market at a wholesale price of about 22.00 yuan per kilogram. In terms of color, especially Tibetan green and coffee , Hulan, rose red, scarlet, orange yellow, purple, etc. are the best sellers. It is not only used as high-end sportswear, but also the first choice of casual clothing fabrics. It's not only intoxicating, but also adds youthful charm. According to the analysis of insiders, the late sales prospect of this kind of fabric is very broad

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