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How can printing enterprises seize foreign customers (I)

although China's economy is developing rapidly and its national economic income is increasing every year, China's per capita consumption of printed matter still lags far behind other developing countries (such as the United States, Europe, Japan, etc.). In terms of scale, the international book market is absolutely attractive. In addition, the local printing cost in these countries is very high, and our price is about 50% lower than theirs, so customers are likely to transfer their production orders to us, and the market prospect is optimistic

the domestic book printing market has a strong seasonality. Textbook printing plants, in particular, are usually too busy for half a year. I didn't work for half a year. In this way, it is very difficult to use half a year's income to meet the costs of a year. Overseas markets have different market seasonality, which dilutes the seasonality of each market, so that manufacturers can distribute productivity more evenly and improve profits

in the domestic market a few years ago, there were still orders with relatively ideal prices, but in recent years, due to the shortage of market information, many people in China misunderstand that the printing industry is a kind of money printing industry, forming a lot of blind investment. As a result, a large number of productive forces poured into the market, forming irrational price competition. Some manufacturers even did not hesitate to give customers a loss price in order to win orders. Therefore, everyone fell into a vicious circle of price cutting competition, and could not help but press their living space smaller and smaller. Although the competition in the overseas market is also very fierce, the market order is relatively good, and both the supply and demand sides are relatively rational. Only the manufacturers need to improve their competitiveness, coupled with a good external environment, it is not difficult to find high-quality and long-term cooperation partners at a distance of 1/4 of the board width from the edge

for business operators, in addition to large orders and high prices, the most important thing is to pay on time. However, at present, there is a widespread problem of late payment in the domestic book market, which can only be gradually improved with the reform of the book market. Of course, some overseas customers deliberately cheat manufacturers, but as long as customers are carefully selected, the general payment time is relatively timely. Some advanced countries, such as the United States, have even set up enterprise credit registration systems. When a manufacturer contacts a new customer, it first checks his credit. LANXESS plans to use pure ethylene records derived from renewable resources, sugarcane, to reduce the risk of cooperation. If you are really worried about the customer's credit, the manufacturer can also require the customer to issue a bank letter of credit

creating a favorable small and large environment is the key to enter the international book printing market. The small environment includes low cost, one-stop service, five-star customer service, integrity, quality and other standard requirements; The general environment includes customs clearance, taxes, restrictive policies, etc. How should we strive for this huge market? If you want to succeed, you must create a favorable small and large environment, which is indispensable. The small environment mainly includes low cost. One stop service, five-star customer service, integrity, quality and other standard requirements. The improvement of the overall environment is mainly reflected in customs clearance, taxes, restrictive policies and so on

overseas customers go all the way to production in order to save costs, so manufacturers must always control their operating costs and obtain customers' orders at competitive prices. It should be emphasized here that competitive prices are not equal to irrational price cuts, and doing a good job in cost control is equal to prolonging the life of enterprises and creating space for development; On the contrary, vicious price competition is equivalent to feeding yourself chronic poison. Let alone development, even if the enterprise can survive, it has become a problem. So here we are talking about health. Rational price competition

in addition, what customers most desire is to be able to sit in the office and wait for the arrival of finished products, so they should try to avoid the multiple communication and cumbersome details of often cleaning the bathroom. If the enterprise can provide one-stop production services, it is the most ideal; Otherwise, the enterprise must find its own partners to complete all production tasks, even including logistics and postal services, and provide various coordinated services according to customers

good customer service is an important weapon to win customer confidence. In addition to price, service quality is also one of the important factors that most overseas customers consider when choosing manufacturers. For example, mature customers generally exclude the lowest quotation from consideration, because they are worried that manufacturers with low quotations do not have good quality and service

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