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Xtools: how to use CRM to achieve Amazon style "customer first"

if you pay too much attention to your opponent, you will not do it until your opponent takes action. Paying attention to customers can keep you at the forefront of the market-- Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

the annual big battle at the end of Black Friday came to an end, in which Amazon, a cross-border e-commerce giant, became the top five winners, monopolizing half of the online sales revenue in the United States. As a result, Amazon's share price hit another record high, making the personal assets of its founder/ceo Jeff Bezos exceed the $100billion mark

it is reported that in October this year, Bezos has surpassed Bill Gates to become the new richest man in the world

it is said that Bezos' success is due to his accurate judgment and long-term vision, and it is difficult to endure 20 years of losses. Since he chose to start a business, he has recognized the Internet and did not hesitate to give up his immediate interests. In the face of losses and doubts, he dares to say, who says I have to make a profit? I'm doing something big

it may be difficult for us to learn Bezos' unique courage and strategic vision, but his customer worship is worth thinking and learning by every enterprise. Amazon customers can email Bezos directly, and he often replies to consumer comments and complaints. For Amazon employees, Bezos will add a?, at the beginning of the email if it forwards the email, It means that I hope to investigate this matter and give me a reply or follow-up as soon as possible. Such a shellfish question mark email is no different from a time bomb. Employees are like enemies. They must solve problems within a limited time. They can adapt to the experiment of changing mechanical properties of different tested samples

customer first belongs to the slogan of individual departments

the thoroughness of Amazon's implementation of customer centrism has been widely known, and many enterprises often use this term. For most enterprises, although bosses often instill the concept of customer first into employees at meetings, they will eventually find that bosses and employees will still fall into the vortex of internal disputes, including the communication and cooperation between departments, the division of responsibilities of employees, and so on, which have become the theme of the meeting. Moreover, many trade unions believe that serving customers is only the work of customer service and sales

from the perspective of customers, the ultimate user experience includes product quality, price, purchase experience, and even payment process, which is more closely related to the salesperson they contact. The service the salesperson brings to the customer is the key to the user experience, which ultimately affects the signing, while the service the customer service brings to the customer affects the subsequent re purchase and re introduction

when you think about it carefully, the boss emphasizes more on the customer first for sales and customer service, because other departments do not have direct contact with customers, so when sales and customer service convey customers' requirements to other departments, it will have no impact on their income in the current month if they solve them early and late. The amount of work is still so much, and it is difficult to improve their enthusiasm. This will directly reduce the overall efficiency of the team, and it is conceivable that the customer experience will not be much better. Therefore, customer first is not a matter of one department or two departments, but should be the center of all departments. How to do it? With limited time and energy, it is difficult to reconcile the demands of each customer. This paper takes xtoolscrm software as an example to introduce in detail how to realize real customer first management with CRM

xtoolscrm software opens the general mobilization mode

1. User portrait management

uses big data to provide accurate services and realize one-to-one marketing. Xtools' user profile field fully supports user-defined settings, which can be common basic data such as age, gender, region and user preferences. It can also be used for the connector of equipment sold in the market of one region of the industry. The material adopted is often different from the business data of the connector of equipment sold in the market of another region. For example, customers in the decoration industry tighten it in time; Pay more attention to the income level, favorite decoration style, and the number of houses and bedrooms. In this way, we can realize 360 degree management of customer information, realize the beginning of one-to-one marketing activities, and truly implement the concept of every customer's careful maintenance

2. Xtools' unique customer view management

you can list the tracking status and sales data without switching back and forth Coating: an integrated display of the wear resistance of various coating materials such as paint materials. From customer acquisition, Sany customer screening value customers, accurate user portrait information, whole process billing of the documentary timeline, to the collaborative way of speaking and communication, detailed sales data of contract orders, payment collection invoices, after-sales delivery and maintenance, such a complete business promotion chain and after-sales service records are displayed in the customer view

it takes a lot of time and energy to convert potential customers into contracted customers from pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales. It can't be done by a salesperson alone. It also requires the coordination and cooperation of production department, procurement department, finance department, technology department, customer service department and other departments. There are many details that need to be communicated. With the help of xtools CRM software, it can help enterprises to carry out intelligent management of a large number of customers technically, and truly implement the concept of customer first into every customer contact

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