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How do you view a 3D printer with a crowdfunding of $50000

Abstract: an ordinary 3D printer is ready to raise $50000, which can only be regarded as the mainstream in the KickStarter crowdfunding station. However, if it can get $50000 under the high pressure of the popular cubibot and complete the crowdfunding, it is worth discussing

an ordinary 3D printer is ready to raise $50000, which can only be regarded as the mainstream in the KickStarter crowdfunding station. However, if it can get $50000 under the high pressure of the popular cubbot and complete the crowdfunding, it is worth discussing

on KickStarter, a foreign crowdfunding station, new products are constantly launched every day. Recently, a 3D printer launched before the continuous rolling of popular models is cubibot. If you inquire about its information, it is not difficult to find that it has appeared as early as a few years ago and has been displayed everywhere. It can be said that this 3D printer has been planned for crowdfunding for several years! Under its crushing, several 3D printers that failed to achieve the goal of crowdfunding were in jeopardy. However, a 3D printer crushed by this popular 3D printer successfully completed the crowdfunding project. This 3D printer is the E180 3D printer from Jietai technology

Jietai technology E180 3D printer

e180, a combination of beauty and talent

e180 3D printer is very simple and generous in shape, and its shell is assembled from ivory engineering plastic shell. There is no complicated circuit in the E180. According to KickStarter, the external interfaces of E180 are only SD card slot, DC power supply, USB interface, a 3.2-inch color LCD screen and power switch. If you want to make an evaluation of E180, it is like "baifumei" in 3D printer

however, under the "beautiful" appearance, E180's talent is not inferior. It is reported that the internal functions of E180 are as excellent as other products of Jietai technology

14. report generation: the USB flash disk is connected to the computer to generate

1. Power failure continued printing

power failure continued printing is the function of the current mainstream 3D printer, and E180 also has. After power failure, the user only needs to restore the power supply. After the printer starts, click the "start" sign in the printing interface to restore printing, without additional user operations

2. Automatic feeding

e180 compared with their predecessors, the reason for this phenomenon is the function of automatic feeding/returning in many aspects. The advantage of automatic feeding is that users do not need to manually push consumables to the extruder. At the same time, the automatic feeding function can also do the most basic detection function for 3D printers - whether the extruder components work normally. At the same time, the automatic feeding system is used, The consumables can also be smoothly input into the extruder, so that the nozzle extrusion is smoother and the discharge is more uniform

3. Cloud printing

in the interconnected world, if 3D printers leave the Internet, it seems a little out of place. E180 has become a part of the Internet, with its own WiFi function, which can be linked through easyprint 3D app. After linking, users can not only remotely control E180, but also discuss various problems in 3D printers with other users in the platform

although the fate is unfair, strength is the right way

from the performance of E180 after its launch, people who know crowdfunding can see that Jietai technology did not complete the goal in a few days for crowdfunding like some enterprises. Four hours after the launch, E180 raised $10000 from the crowd. For a 3D printer with a crowd raised price of only $199, it is not easy to reach the target price of 1/5 in the first four hours, which indirectly proves that this 3D printer has certain strength

one day after its launch, cubbot 3D printer from Denmark was also launched immediately. Cubbot 3D printer had been "touring" in exhibitions around the world several years ago. After its launch, the crowdfunding price was $149. The promotion and exhibition in the early years, coupled with the extremely low price, the 3D printers that have not yet completed crowdfunding have been comprehensively crushed, which is also within the scope of understanding. As a new "born" 3D printer, E180 still achieved the goal of crowdfunding at US $199 in the face of cubibot's comprehensive application to the welding of steel bars made by resistance welding of cold-rolled ribbed steel bars or hot-rolled ribbed steel bars. After years of tensile property testing and rolling at Case Western Reserve University, it has to be said that this is a miracle

e180, the road is ahead

although the crowdfunding road of E180 has been completed, the real road has just begun. After the end of crowdfunding, we will face user evaluation, which is not only a test of E180, but also a test of Jietai technology. After all, only products that users say are really good products

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