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How does silk screen printing resist the challenge of labeling and labeling?

in early 2001, we investigated the products packaged in circular plastic containers in the market of Guangdong Province (including yogurt bottles, PET beer bottles, detergent bottles, cosmetics bottles, medical bottles and other circular plastic containers). We found that the surface printing of these containers is mainly divided into silk screen printing, labeling and labeling. Labeling and labeling are traditional printing and packaging methods, Its advantage is that the patterns of labeling or labeling can be made colorful, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple, but it is easy to wrinkle, break and drop the label, and some label papers are not resistant to the erosion of water and other liquids; Silk screen printing has been gradually popularized since it was absorbed and introduced from the silk screen packaging of foreign cosmetics in recent decades. Silk screen printing is the direct printing of ink on the surface of bottles. Its advantages are good overall effect, water resistance and other liquid erosion, protruding and three-dimensional pattern and font, but the color of the drawing is slightly monotonous. Here are their comprehensive performance, cost The advantages and disadvantages of the three are described in detail in terms of investment return:

I. comprehensive performance comparison

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stickers print the pattern on the label paper through the printing machine → paste the label paper on the bottle with the labeling machine. The pattern is rich in color, but it lacks a three-dimensional sense. Some labels are not resistant to water and other liquids, and are not resistant to collision and pulling. It is easy to fall off and break the label in the process of use

the logo is printed on the logo paper by the printing machine → the logo paper is shrunk and fixed on the bottle by the logo machine. The color of the logo is rich, but it is lack of three-dimensional sense. It can resist the erosion of water and other liquids, and is resistant to collision and pulling. Sometimes the advantages of the recycled plastic granulator make it continue to develop. Now the wrinkle phenomenon of the logo paper can be seen

screen printing uses a screen printing machine to directly print the pattern on the bottle. The pattern is full of three-dimensional feeling. In order to seek safer materials, but the color is slightly monotonous. It can resist the erosion of water and other liquids, and is resistant to collision and pulling. In the process of use, there will be no problem when outputting the originally recorded control signal value

II. Classification of screen printing machines and comparison of labeling, labeling and silk printing costs

round bottle screen printing machines are mainly divided into semi-automatic screen printing machines and full-automatic screen printing machines. Due to the high labor intensity, low efficiency and difficult quality control of the operators of semi-automatic screen printing machines, they will gradually withdraw from the market, while efficient and high-quality full-automatic screen printing machines will gradually become the dominant market, The successful development of sl3000-xz-1 round bottle silk screen King marks that China has entered the world's advanced ranks in this field. The following is a general comparison of the costs of labeling, labeling and silk screen printing: (the cost of a bottle is compared, and the cost unit is RMB points)

name label paper or ink cost, equipment depreciation cost, water and electricity cost, labor management cost total

labeling 1 0.15 0.03 0.25 1.. 43

labeling 1 0.2 0.05 0.25 . 5

silk screen printing 0.2 0.2 0.05 0.25 0.7

from the above list, we can see that the cost of silk screen printing is the lowest. In the case of a large number of products, its economic benefits are significant, and at the same time, it can improve the competitiveness of products

cosmetics and washing products can be said that silk screen printing is the mainstream. We have investigated foreign cosmetics. It can be said that silk screen printing is also the mainstream in cosmetics packaging. The effect of silk screen printing looks more elegant, and more importantly, the cost of silk screen printing is the lowest

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