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Tianrun RONGTONG: how can the contact center provide Omni channel services? (1)

Omni channel and all media have made TV advertisements brainwashed across the country disappear. Adjust the time to 15 years ago, the advertising of TV and paper media is developing in full swing. The promotion of enterprises is carried out on the mainstream media with good audience ratings and high sales volume, together with offline activities to achieve the overwhelming publicity effect. At that time, the Internet was just beginning to take shape, and 4G commercial and mobile Internet still has eight years to break out

looking at today, the logic of business has undergone earth shaking changes. First, PC Internet has brought e-commerce to open the online market. A few years later, mobile Internet has led to the outbreak of social media, the continuous increase of new channels, and finally the formation of all channel marketing and services with their own playing methods and characteristics

the benefits of Omni channel enable enterprises to realize the value of single customer economy, fully interact with customers, reach multiple entrances, no longer limited by time and region, attack more actively, and provide more timely services. However, revenue is not easy. Almost all enterprises have faced the thorny management and operation during the channel expansion period, and the difficulty of refined operation has delayed business expansion

take the customer service center for example. If every channel requires enterprises to log in to different platforms to provide services, the service efficiency and quality will be greatly reduced, and the management will not be able to better meet the needs of Baotou's economic development. Enterprises need a tool to unify all platforms, connect information from all directions, and establish independent files for each customer. No matter which channel can get the most comprehensive service, Omni channel customer service came into being

in Tianrun RONGTONG intelligent service platform, Omni channel service is defined as three parts, call center, customer service and work order, which jointly play the ability of flexible transformation of service and marketing roles

a financial service company provides search, price comparison and application services such as loans, wealth management, credit cards, etc., and uses multiple official account as service consultation portals, with different numbers covering different business lines. In the background of Tianrun RONGTONG, all background interfaces are opened through the back end to gather all customer information. Next year, the life science department will increase our market promotion efforts by participating in industry exhibitions, launching webinars, and holding various offline customer activities. Like the voice call center, the service center automatically allows professional customer service to solve professional things according to the routing allocation rules. If a customer consults on the official, Weibo and H5 pages, the message is also summarized to the customer service center and sent to the corresponding customer service. The platform has been opened up, and managers can finally monitor the information of all channels in a unified way, and analyze and classify it according to different data dimensions

about Tianrun RONGTONG

Tianrun Rongcheng mainly tests various materials. It was established in 2006 to provide professional smart cloud contact center solutions for enterprises, and has the operation qualification issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology (license number: b). Tianrun RONGTONG builds cloud platform software with native architecture, cloud integrated business carrying network, and globally highly available cloud ecosystem, defines smart cloud contact center, establishes a comprehensive leading position in the field of cloud contact center, and makes the contact center simple, reliable, on-demand, and growable! The company has nearly 300 employees, and its headquarters is located in Beijing. In the next three years, it will set up East China headquarters and South China headquarters in Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively

at present, the customers of Tianrun financing services cover more than ten fields, such as finance, insurance, automobile, education, tourism, local life, enterprise services, real estate, etc., including many well-known enterprises such as Pacific Insurance, Baidu, qunar, meituan, melon seeds used cars, shell housing and so on. The number of customers has reached thousands

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