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Printing enterprises how to gain a firm foothold in the market

in order to survive and develop, printing enterprises must have the support of capital and pay attention to the capital operation of enterprises. What is capital? Capital is money. For enterprises, capital is plant, equipment, technology and labor productivity. In a word, cost plus profit can increase the value of money through capital operation. Capital operation is directly related to the rise and fall of enterprises. It is the lifeline of enterprises and the survival law of enterprises. In the new economic era, stocks, bonds, funds and other ways of generating money from money in the capital market have fully mobilized people's enthusiasm for investment and provided a guarantee for enterprise financing. The vigorous development of the capital market has also led to the extraordinary development of the printing industry. The capital market of the printing industry has great development potential and development space. Printing enterprises should try their best to grasp capital business opportunities and do a good job in capital operation

create a benign capital market

the particularity of the printing industry determines the status and role of enterprises in the economic society. Printing enterprises must pursue the maximization of benefits on the premise of giving consideration to social benefits in production economy 1. If they buy in market stores, it is best to use on-site trial camps

although printing is a cultural industry, it implements industrial production. In the era of planned economy, printing enterprises belong to the light industry system, and local printing enterprises are managed by the Light Industry Bureau and the Second Light Industry Bureau. The only difference is the difference between state-owned and collective ownership. There are three sources of enterprise capital: higher-level appropriation; Enterprise accumulation; Bank loans. All means of production are allocated according to plan. At that time, there was a planned economy and basically no capital market

after the reform and opening up, the upstream industry system of the socialist market economy was implemented, the market access of printing enterprises was gradually liberalized, and printing enterprises with private, Sino foreign joint venture, wholly foreign-owned, joint-stock and other economic components joined in, injecting a lot of funds

especially today, when people invest in the stock market, the capital market is an open market. Specifically, the capital market of the printing industry is relatively immature, the capital operation needs to be accelerated, the financing channels are not wide, and the printing enterprises listed are even rare. In addition to the conceptual reasons, the main reason is that the printing enterprises are small in scale and small in capital. The truly powerful large printing enterprise groups have also emerged in recent years, and most of them do not have the conditions for listing. Therefore, there are few opportunities for direct financing from the society, which restricts the development of enterprises to a certain extent

now the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai rim and central China have accelerated the pace of development of the printing industry, have set up super large printing enterprise groups and expanded the construction of printing industrial parks, concentrated advantageous resources, accelerated capital operation, formed a strong (model library second-hand) productivity, and changed the existing printing pattern

when planning the development of enterprises, some printing enterprises suffer from lack of funds. The reality of the market makes them learn financing. Now they not only focus on the innovation of equipment and technology, but also pay attention to the role of capital operation. For the capital gap in technological transformation, they no longer stay in patchwork, but try to find financing channels. For example, through investment attraction, enterprise integration, asset restructuring, complementary advantages, and the concentration of funds to do major events, we can integrate funds to make the enterprise bigger and stronger

large or super large printing enterprise groups give full play to their strong physical advantages, not to mention 310 years, and strive to create conditions, list on the stock market, and raise funds from the society, so as to speed up the development of the printing industry. As long as various forms of capital operation are operated properly, they can stimulate the investment enthusiasm of people and enterprises and invest funds in the printing industry. How to seize the opportunity, create good results and repay the society in the printing industry is the common concern of all enterprises looking forward to development

case: Take Jiangxi as an example. As of 2007, Jiangxi has 1748 printing enterprises of all kinds, 137 publication printing enterprises, 437 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, 25 special printing enterprises and 1149 other printing enterprises. The capital injection was 3.4 billion yuan, with an additional registered capital of 830 million yuan in 2007 alone. Jiangxi Huaao Printing Co., Ltd. invested 380million yuan, and Zhongan Technology (Shanggao) Co., Ltd., a Taiwan funded packaging and printing enterprise in Yichun Shanggao, invested 360million yuan. It is the massive injection of all kinds of capital that accelerates the development of Jiangxi printing industry. With the rise of Jiangxi in the central region, the printing industry is bound to usher in a new period of development

open up multi-channel financing channels

money is easy to do things, and money can do great things. To run an enterprise is to make money, create surplus value and promote the development of productivity through the production and operation of the enterprise. Capital operation is the primary factor in the development of enterprises, which is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. It can be said that if we grasp capital, we will grasp development; Enterprises pay attention to capital operation is to pay attention to the survival and development of enterprises

printing enterprises have this experience in their business practice: with the progress and development of science and technology, the upgrading of printing technology and equipment is accelerated. Without technological transformation, enterprises will not be able to keep up with the development of the times and may be eliminated. Therefore, technological transformation is a compulsory course for enterprises. In the process of technological transformation, it is often troubled by funds, especially the current advanced printing equipment should be replaced. It integrates modern technology, with high scientific and technological content, so the price is not cheap

Where does the money come from? This involves capital operation. It is not so easy to borrow money from banks. Sometimes banks are too poor to love the rich. Financing from society is the best way. Bonds and funds can be issued if conditions permit; However, in more cases, it is difficult for printing enterprises to do so. Facing the shortage of funds and enterprise development, enterprises can build nests to attract Phoenix, attract investment, restructure assets, implement strong alliances and other means to make enterprises bigger and stronger, and concentrate funds to do great things

case: Jiangxi publishing group company strives to create the business card of Jiangxi Xinhua printing factory, and increases the intensity of capital operation. First, it enlivens assets, enlivens stock, integrates advantageous resources, and implements a strong alliance between Xinhua No. 1 factory and Xinhua No. 2 factory, which are subordinate to the group. The total assets reach 180million yuan, ranking seventh among 150 large printing enterprises in the country. In 2007, the total output value also reached 180million yuan, and the sales revenue reached 110million yuan, Profits and taxes are 12.25 million yuan. Later, it cooperated with Hong Kong Leo paper printing group, the largest printing enterprise in Asia, to establish Jiangxi Huaao Printing Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 380million yuan in Nanchang. The enterprise capital is stronger, and it has become the largest modern printing enterprise in Jiangxi

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