Most fire settable digital cut-off device

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The electromagnetism of the programmable digital cut-off device


the programmable digital cut-off device our company's products do a good job in tracking the customer's product quality in different regions. The iron is fastened with the fixed strip, which is fastened with the fixed block fixed on the tool holder. The rocker arm is installed on the fixed block by the fixed shaft and can rotate. The tension spring is hung between the two rocker arms that realize the fair matching of advanced battery materials. The cutter is installed on the tool holder through the counter The electromagnet and the two rocker arms work together to reduce the shrinkage of the modified material and act at the same time. This countable cutting device enables the original DXD series back sealing packaging machine to cut off different bag numbers, which can meet the different requirements of users, and the operation performance is stable and reliable

source: Packaging News

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