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Beijing jiutianjiu International Trade Co., Ltd. is a diversified group company integrating biotechnology, anti-aging beauty, cultural media, film and television production, capital operation, real estate operation, education and training

its subsidiaries include: jiutianjiu culture media, jiutianjiu E-commerce mall, Yuhui fascia management, jiutianjiu business school, and jiutianjiu technology

as a brand under jiutianjiu, yuwrinkle is the first national brand to advocate fascia anti-aging in China. Yuwrinkle has always adhered to the development strategy of technology + brand + capital, and made every effort to build a national brand of anti-aging beauty in China. At present, it has developed into a professional beauty enterprise integrating light medical beauty chain service, anti-aging engineering technology and high-quality medical beauty products

over the years, Yu wrinkle has always adhered to the service concept of "making every effort to cure the disease, being perfect and beautiful", and continuously struggled to serve the anti-aging beauty cause of Chinese all over the world. He has always taken family culture and love culture as the creed, learned from others' strengths, and has successively created a number of patents

analysis of the reasons for the loss of jiutianjiu beauty salon: Based on years of industry experience, the operation manager of the international women's beauty chain franchise found that these unprofitable jiutianjiu beauty salons have the following two problems: 1. Lack of service; 2. Lack of sales force; What's more, a considerable number of jiutianjiu beauty salons in the industry have neither service nor sales power! If such a nine day beauty salon can not survive by taking advantage of some local privileges, its business situation can be imagined. The golden rule for the successful operation of women's beauty and health care franchisees is: service force + sales force = lasting profit. Over the years, Yu wrinkle has always adhered to the service concept of "making every effort to cure the disease, being perfect and beautiful", constantly striving to serve the anti-aging beauty cause of Chinese all over the world, and always taking "family culture, love culture" as the creed, he has made great achievements

through the education and training base, the anti-aging beauty team with unified technical standards has been trained, and more than 50 "anti-aging projects have been improved and innovated. After several years of precipitation, yuwrinkle has become a famous brand of China's light medical beauty and the founder of many Chinese first-class stars. It has successfully performed for more than 100000 beauty seekers around the world for wear particle analysis

jiutianjiu international adheres to the original intention and takes the initial beauty of women as the concept. Insist on creating safe, natural and high-quality products; It combines fascia management technology with traditional Chinese medicine, and integrates the most sophisticated biotechnology. Let your beauty grow naturally like a tree

global preferred raw materials. Based on 20 years of industry experience, the "made in China 2025" and the "1025 development plan for new materials industry" clearly put forward that new materials are an important strategic emerging industry and five-year innovative research, just to meet the most beautiful you

after 5 years of innovative research and development, Yu wrinkle brand, together with famous medical experts at home and abroad, Chinese medicine hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Swiss research office and Shenzhen Research Office, has finally created first-class products in the industry and become the first famous brand of 'fascia management and anti-aging' in China. Therefore, a large and comprehensive business place integrating leisure and entertainment and a variety of beauty services has become necessary. This type of beauty center has a large scale, exquisite decoration and comprehensive service. It can involve many personalized service items, such as beauty salon, sauna fitness, makeup modeling, hair tattoo and so on. This kind of nine days long beauty salon has very subtle management requirements, and it is best to implement the membership system. How to attract members, regular members and organize members are the key links that the jiutianjiu beauty salon must do well? Integration has been used by sellers for many years, but it is not until today that it is adopted by business operators as a driving force for the overall performance of the enterprise. It also provides a scaffold for all other systems of the body, such as the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems. Therefore, fascia is considered as the "skeleton" of soft tissue

Anguo jiutianjiu beauty instrument franchise project

warranty period: business school course: 1 Profit storm, 2 Decrypt wealth password, 3 Quick profit, 4 Career achievement dream, 5 Leader wisdom, 6 Peak team, 7 Achieve leadership style, 8 Leader's aura training

enterprise certification: the national brand with excellent product quality and guaranteed reputation, the most influential brand of China's independent innovation, and the brand with qualified quality through national authoritative testing

social certification: the national consumer satisfaction brand, China's 315 integrity brand, the top ten excellent brands in the national beauty and skin care industry

industry certification: the preferred brand for users in the national beauty and skin care industry, Jiutianjiu beauty salon, a best-selling brand in China's beauty and skin care industry and a AAA credit unit in China's beauty industry, has always advocated the concept of "nature, health and safety", operates nearly 1000 high-end women's spa clubs around the world, and has always adhered to the service concept of dedication to the beauty of health. With its natural quality and excellent efficacy, combined with the trend of keeping pace with the times, it has provided elegant, healthy and Harmonious service. The franchise fee free brand is absolutely worth joining. How many people you want to recruit and other issues directly determine the investment of franchisees in small and medium-sized jiutianjiu beauty salons

international certification: National CMA certification, Korean kfdf certification, American FDA certification

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