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Ankery participated in the 2013 Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany and the European investigation. The investigation was organized by the general low voltage branch of China Electrical Industry Association and Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute. The main purpose of the investigation is to visit the Hannover Industrial Expo and conduct field investigation and technical exchange on the famous low voltage electrical appliances and smart home enterprises in Europe

the main members of the delegation were Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute, ankerui electric, Changshu switch, Changshu Tongrun switch, Zhejiang Zhongkai, Xi'an Xirui protection and other enterprises. The investigation period was from April 9 to April 18, 2013, a total of 10 days. When visiting Hannover industrial exhibition, we mainly focused on the exhibition areas related to new energy, smart home, building energy conservation, industrial automation process control instruments and meters, low-voltage power distribution system equipment, etc. compared with previous years, the remarkable feature of this year's new energy exhibition area is that it is difficult to find traces of photovoltaic enterprises, while the promotion of wind and biogas power generation technology is more prominent, This also reflects a self-adjusting process of the market after the European government stopped financial subsidies for photovoltaic power generation. During the whole inspection trip, it was found that wind power generation is widely used in northern Germany, while photovoltaic power generation has been widely popularized in Germany, and residential houses with photovoltaic panels on the roof can be seen everywhere. Refer to the photovoltaic Wind power and biogas power generation will become the main supplementary energy after Germany stops using nuclear power, so the current recession in the photovoltaic industry should only be temporary. The building energy saving display is characterized by the green building model displayed by Delta, which also uses photovoltaic power generation as supplementary energy, combined with the application of energy-saving control products such as lighting, power and air conditioning in intelligent buildings, as well as the energy-saving scheme that uses ice making to store cold energy in the evening when the electricity price is low and for air conditioning in the daytime. Building energy conservation is very popular in the industry. Especially in the aspect of active energy conservation, various smart home products and application schemes are also the profit points pursued by foreign manufacturers. According to the information of Hager, it has obtained high-end residential areas in Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities, which is a well deserved "green building"; The carbon dioxide emission from the construction of steel structure residential buildings is about 480KG/m2, which is a large-scale commercial building project. At the same time, there is a considerable growth expectation for the application of energy-saving products in the Chinese market; On the future development of electric vehicles, Mr. Pascal (in the right figure), the executive director of Hager, believes that under the technical bottleneck of low battery energy storage density, hybrid power will be the best solution at present

the first on the left is Cailei, manager of R & D Department of Jiangsu ankerui Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

the second on the left is Mr. Pascal, executive director of Hager

the first on the right is YAOBO, general manager assistant, management representative and manager of intelligent monitoring R & D Department of data center of R & D center of ankerui Electric Co., Ltd.

the delegation also inspected the MCCB circuit breaker production workshop of Hager, whose production line is highly automated, From copper strip raw materials to stamping sheet metal to parts output, it is automatically completed. Its shell is also produced by automatic injection molding machine. The assembly, commissioning and quality inspection of components are completed by automatic equipment. The role of workers is transformed into serving the machine, loading and component circulation, and the maintenance of unqualified products. Because its assembly, commissioning and inspection are automated, it avoids human subjective factors interfering with the judgment of product quality, So as to ensure the product quality and quality consistency

during the investigation, it was found that the energy-saving control for airports, tunnels, hotels and other occasions has been widely used in Europe. There are escalators in airports. When there are no passengers, the elevators automatically slow down to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In the hotel corridor, the light is controlled by human body induction. In Europe, in order not to damage the original urban landscape, there is no large-scale overpass system, but more tunnel projects are used. Sectional lighting control is used in tunnel lighting, which not only improves safety but also achieves the purpose of energy saving. Such energy-saving schemes will be gradually promoted in China. Recently, Jiangyin development department will also conduct preliminary project investigation on tunnel lighting controller and tunnel lighting control cabinet products

Mr. Xu of Wuxi Sanneng Electric Co., Ltd. quite recognized our three-phase current transformer during the communication with the group personnel. He believed that it was small in size and suitable for the installation of drawer cabinets. At the same time, he also proposed that the types of models were not rich enough. We should develop a variety of current specification products for the application of drawer cabinets. In addition, small transformer ratio products need to be wound with multiple turns at a time, which is not convenient for installation. When talking with peers about the products of our company, the general response is that we have made great efforts in the industry. The market is doing well and the price is cheap. When talking about the vicious competition of low-voltage circuit breakers and other products in the low-voltage electrical industry, they all feel that Changshu switchgear Co., Ltd. can maintain a relatively high price because of its leading technology and excellent quality

thinking of the rush to buy knife, scissors and fork pots in duty-free stores, how do Germans consider their product positioning when they can sell a kitchen knife for 100 euros? How to guarantee the market acceptance under such a high price? The answer is high quality. After being attacked by low-cost and low-quality products, people finally found that the additional cost of a low-quality product even exceeded the product price many times. When people complained about the poor quality of domestic products and tried to rush to buy Rolex and LV, I was touched: the western restaurant has a beautiful environment, and the tables are covered with snow-white tablecloths and flowers in full bloom, In contrast, the tables in Chinese restaurants are paved with cheap disposable napkins and plastic fake flowers. They also eat a meal. The western restaurant pays attention to the whole, while the Chinese restaurant pays attention to the food itself and ignores the integrity. The deviation of values eventually leads to essential differences in the products produced. But will it last forever? With the gradual increase of people's income, the gradual depletion of resources, the high cost of human resources and the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection, the extensive development model will eventually be eliminated, and the values of Chinese people will also be gradually improved. When reaching or approaching the European and American level, do we also need to make some brand products that can reflect the concept of ankeri, while maintaining a certain patent advantage in the application technology

although the schedule of this visit is compact, the visit to Hannover exhibition is actually only half a day, and the visit to Hagrid company is also a cursory one, but in general, it has benefited a lot from going out. From the German professionalism, the drivers of the group will clean the car in their spare time, clean the carpet and ensure that the car is clean and tidy at any time. Germans pay great attention to details. The manhole covers on German roads are double-layer. The common grid manhole covers on the top layer are made of thick cast iron. There is also a debris filter on the second layer to prevent debris leaves from blocking the sewer. The intention is exquisite. The buildings in Germany are exquisite. The roads and rivers are clean. There are many undeveloped coniferous forests near the city. The overall coordination with the natural ecology reflects the rigorous, meticulous and harmonious living attitude of the Germans. These aspects can be used for reference for our research and development. To design a successful product, we should not simply pay attention to the product function, but also comprehensively consider the product application, structural aesthetic design, product usability, reliability, production efficiency, production process and environmental protection of materials. All these are worth learning and strengthening

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