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"Saving a car is like fighting a fire" -- the growth of Lovol loader Service Engineer

"saving a car is like fighting a fire" -- the growth of Lovol loader Service Engineer

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Guide: as a member of Lovol loader service team, I understand the customer's mood during the rush period. It is our responsibility to rush to the scene and solve customers' problems at the first time. However, the sales profit margin is only 0.9%, which is also our pride. Lei rose by USD 0.041/t (15180000 tons); South Africa to China 18.5 (1) 9.5 USD/ton (15 (1) 80000 tons); This is what Liu Jun, the service engineer of Wo loader from Iran to China, said to the author. Two years ago, Liu

"as a Lovol loader service member, I understand the customer's mood during the rush period. It is our pride to be able to rush to the scene and solve the customer's problems as soon as possible." Liu Jun, a Lovol loader service engineer, told the author

two years ago, Liu Jun was only an intern of Foton Lovol heavy industries. On one occasion, at the construction site in Jining, a Lovol loader used by the customer to catch up with the project failed; Yu Jihe, manager of Shandong service area, put down the rescue, immediately prepared tools and rushed to the scene with Liu Jun to implement the rescue. "Plastic auto parts have more cost advantages than traditional metal parts. When I started, manager Yu just said to me, 'it's our responsibility to save the car like a fire and minimize the customer's losses'."

after the Lovol loader service personnel studied the vehicle parts

and arrived at the site, manager Yu Jihe immediately concluded that there was a problem with the hydraulic pipeline based on more than ten years of experience and the fault conditions described by the customer. "August is the hottest time in Shandong. Standing in the sun for half an hour, I might get dizzy. In order to check the equipment failure, manager Yu and I disassembled the machine together. Our hands were full of butter. The tools were hot when we picked them up. While dismantling the machine, we also communicated with the customers who had just arrived in Shandong for construction, so that they could get familiar with the local operation conditions and reduce the difficulty of their cross regional operation. After the repair, we put the loader Completely installed, it was 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, and there was no meal all day. The customer was particularly moved to see the Lovol loader running normally. "

Lovol loader service personnel are analyzing the cause of product failure

"That year, I just graduated from college. For the first time, I realized that I had to brave the hot sun to repair without eating. My clothes were always wet with sweat, and I wondered whether it was suitable for me. But after watching manager Yu come and go all day, I helped the customer change the hydraulic pipeline; watching Lovol loader boom again, and watching the smile on manager Yu's face, I vaguely knew what to do A Lovol loader after-sales service team member, how can I go in the future? "

with this unforgettable experience, Liu Jun gradually learned that the users who bought Lovol loaders are basically engaged in the construction industry, which has very strict requirements on the construction period. Sometimes, tens of thousands of yuan may be awarded for completing the project one day earlier, or tens of thousands of yuan may be fined for delaying the completion of the project one day. Since then, Liu Jun has been inspired to become an excellent LOVOL Loaders' after-sales engineer who actively cares for users and ensures that each Lovol loader can operate normally and efficiently with his own high-quality service

"rescuing a car is like fighting a fire. The needs of customers are our responsibility. No matter how difficult it is, as long as we try to overcome it and deal with the equipment failure in time, we will have a sense of achievement and feel very secure!"

through years of hard work, Liu Jun has grown into an excellent service manager. In Liu Jun's words, as a Lovol loader service engineer, he will move forward along the road of growth with the development of Lovol and the needs of customers