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Tens of thousands of tons of chemical wastes are illegally landfilled in Taizhou along the Yangtze River! In the face of the inspectors' various concealments,

tens of thousands of tons of chemical wastes in Taizhou are illegally landfilled along the Yangtze River! Faced with various concealments by the inspectors, on June 21, 2018, the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee found that Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, was perfunctory in dealing with the problems assigned by the central environmental protection supervision in July 2016, and China Fine Chemical (Taixing) Development Park (hereinafter referred to as "Taixing Chemical Park") was buried inside the Yangtze River embankment, More than 30000 cubic meters of chemical wastes and other solid wastes, including a large amount of hazardous wastes, were declared to have been rectified without moving, posing a serious threat to the surrounding environment and the water environment of the Yangtze River

I. the public reported again that the problem was prominent

during the first round of central environmental protection supervision in July 2016, the public repeatedly reported that Taixing Chemical Industry Park had buried a large amount of chemical waste in a section of river inside the Yangtze River embankment, which was covered with soil after landfilling, and the appearance could not be seen

after the letters and visits were transferred to the office, Taizhou reported the investigation and treatment of letters and visits problems assigned by Taizhou in the 15th batch and the impact of substitutes such as waste paper, wood pulp and finished black paper (Taizhou coordination and liaison group [2016] No. 21). The feedback: after investigation, Dow Chemical wrote a letter to the customer that in March, the price of PE at all levels will be increased by 6 cents/pound according to the current production capacity and market response, reflecting that the industrial solid waste is cassava residue of Jinjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. and the demolished construction waste, which is mainly used to bury ditches and ponds and level the land, and there is no problem of illegally burying chemical waste

the public reported that chemical wastes were buried, and Taixing City perfunctorily completed the rectification task by simply cleaning up the surface garbage in the area. In june2018, on the day the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee entered Jiangsu, it received another report from the public on the same issue

the supervision team attached great importance to this. After consulting relevant data and satellite images of the area in 2009, it was found that the area was nearly 11000 square meters, and there were traces of landfilling in history. Therefore, this public report was listed as a key concern

II. Only a few shovels were dug to expose the chemical waste. On June 15, that is, the day the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the central government sank into Taizhou City, the inspectors transferred excavators to randomly select sites for exploratory excavation in the target people's reporting area to reduce noise. What people did not expect was that after just a few shovels, black chemical waste appeared under about half a meter of sandy soil, with a strong pungent smell

in order to avoid the impact of pungent odor on the surrounding environment, the inspectors urgently stopped the excavation operation, and required the party committees and governments at Taizhou and Taixing levels to study and formulate plans. After determining the pollution control measures and ensuring that no secondary pollution occurred, the excavation was carried out, and comprehensive rectification was in place

III. knowing the illegal burying but concealing it in every way

after further investigation, it is found that since the 1990s, relevant enterprises in Taixing Chemical Industry Park have been dumping chemical wastes into the burying area. Later, the chemical industry park expanded, gradually covering and greening the area

after receiving the letter and visit transfer from the central environmental protection supervision group in 2016, Taixing City simply cleaned up the cassava dregs and construction waste stacked in the open air in the burial area, and then fed back to the superior to complete the rectification task

after the first round of central environmental protection supervision, Taixing Chemical Industry Park hired a third party to investigate the site pollution in September, 2016. In January, 2018, the third party submitted a preliminary investigation report, which further determined that the total amount of chemical waste and other garbage in the area was 31950 cubic meters, and the surrounding soil and groundwater were polluted

however, as of June 14, 2018, the supervision team had sunk in Taixing City. Two years later, the local government had not formulated any rectification plan, let alone any substantive rectification measures. Knowingly burying a large amount of chemical wastes in violation of the law, but being indifferent; Knowing that the soil and groundwater had been polluted, he concealed it from the inspection team in every way

the above-mentioned problems have attracted great attention of relevant parties in Jiangsu Province. The supervision team is further reviewing the information on the site, making inquiry and conversation, conducting in-depth investigation and evidence collection, and urging the local government to formulate scientific plans, clean them up as soon as possible, so as to minimize the environmental pollution

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