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Sibao: silicone sealant and equipment Engineering Technology Research Center passed the acceptance

Sichuan is the birthplace of silicone materials and technologies in China. In order to effectively integrate our province's resource advantages, technical advantages and talent advantages in silicone materials, on the morning of July 16, 2014, the leading "silicone sealant and equipment engineering technology research center" in Sichuan Province passed the acceptance at Sibao Technology Co., Ltd

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avoid product appearance problems; (2) Material selection: senior material engineer can develop colors and materials according to customer requirements; (3) Mold design: professional mold engineers provide gate structure, location and waterway layout design to implement a batch of major new material industrial projects to ensure product appearance; (4 Gordon composite materials Co., Ltd. manufactures sporting goods, office furniture and high-strength laminated products in other markets) process design: professional mold testing engineers provide professional mold adjustment services

wangyouzhi, vice chairman of Sibao technology, and yuansulan, deputy general manager, successively reported to the leaders and experts of Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology on the achievements of the center in promoting enterprise technological innovation: new breakthroughs have been made in technical cooperation New progress has been made in talent introduction, major breakthroughs have been made in the application of science and technology projects and the enjoyment of policy support, the technical level of core components has been significantly improved, and good results have been achieved in industry exchanges, technical training and open services

in view of the major achievements made by the center, the expert group agreed that "Sichuan silicone sealant and equipment engineering technology research center" has completed the establishment task and agreed to pass the acceptance

Sichuan silicone sealant and equipment engineering technology research center will rely on Sibao technology to actively carry out cooperation with silicone sealant enterprises in the province, study key and practical process parameters and technical industrial routes, and realize industrialization; Promote the production technology progress of silicone sealant in Sichuan Province and the whole country, and improve the service capacity of silicone sealant and supporting equipment in Sichuan Province; Promote the radiation, transfer and diffusion of integrated and supporting engineering results to relevant industries, and promote the rise of emerging industries and the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries; Promote the reform of scientific and technological system, cultivate first-class engineering and technical personnel, build first-class engineering experimental conditions, and become the base for scientific research and development, technological innovation and industrialization in our province

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