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To ensure the safety of prepackaged food, Lingxi city has organized inspections for many times. Recently, Lingxi municipal supervision branch has organized law enforcement officers to inspect major farmers' markets under its jurisdiction for many times to ensure food safety. During the inspection, law enforcement officers found that two cooked food operators in Damen farmers' market operated and sold unlabeled pre packaged food. Taiwan Industrial Research Institute built a copper electroplating electrode solar cell technology platform to load food

the new food safety law, known as the strictest in history, was formally implemented on October 1. The law involves all the difficult problems existing in the current food supervision, and the punishment intensity is very strong. According to the provisions of the new law, Lingxi Municipal Bureau of supervision has increased safety supervision in food related fields. During the inspection, the law enforcement officers found that the operators of most food stalls were able to wear work clothes, masks and health certificates as required, and the food safety status was up to the standard. However, in some bulk cooked food stalls, although the fly, rat and dust prevention facilities were complete, the operators did not use them properly. The law enforcement officers corrected the problems existing in the inspection on the spot. At the same time, law enforcement officers seized two cooked food operators selling unlabeled prepackaged food in the Damen farmers' market, and seized 38 homemade fish sticks (fish products) according to law, a total of 6.44 kg, and 18 pieces of pig oil residue, a total of 3.6 kg. These prepackaged food packages were not labeled as "three no" products. The sub Bureau seized the above materials according to law and filed a case against the two cooked food operators

according to the relevant provisions of the new food safety law, those who produce and operate unlabeled prepackaged food and illegally produce and operate food with a value of less than 10000 yuan will be fined not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan. At present, the further development of this case will cause errors in the test results. In the further investigation, the two cooked food operators will be fined less than 5000 yuan so far

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