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In 2014, consumer Huang Menglei purchased a new house and handed over the decoration project of his new house to Guangzhou shunshi home decoration design company. Huang Menglei, a consumer, signed a decoration contract with the company. In addition to some necessary provisions, the contract also requires that the decoration be on May 28, 2014 — Completed within the period of July 31, 2014. During this period, the consumer Huang Menglei has paid 30000 yuan to the merchant, and the settlement is 51000 yuan after the completion of the project. However, Huang Menglei found that shunshi home decoration design company did not use wires and plates in accordance with the contract. Ms. Huang asked for a refund and compensation, which was rejected by the decoration company. After repeatedly asking for a refund without results, on November 20, 2014, the consumer Huang Menglei complained to the Xinzhou District Consumer Association and asked for help

incident result: after receiving the complaint, the Consumer Association immediately sent staff to investigate. After investigation, the staff found that according to the contract signed by the consumer Huang Menglei and Guangzhou shunshi home decoration design company, the decoration company did violate the contract, and the consumer complaint was true. According to the contract law of the people's Republic of China, “ If a party fails to perform its contractual obligations or fails to perform its contractual obligations in accordance with the agreement, it shall bear the liability for breach of contract such as continuing to perform, taking remedial measures or compensating for losses& rdquo; The wires and plates used by the decoration company have not been in accordance with the provisions of the contract law, and the decoration company should refund and compensate the consumer Huang Menglei. After the mediation of the consumers' Association, the decoration company agreed to return 1000 yuan to consumers and no longer charge the final payment. Finally, Huang Menglei recovered the economic loss of 22000 yuan




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