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In fact, both small and large houses need to have a general understanding of the budget quotation in the early stage of decoration. Only in this way can we avoid overspending and other phenomena in the future. A 40 square meter house is not small at all. As a single apartment, it is really suitable. Many young people will also choose such a room. In terms of Wuhan area, do you know the decoration price of 40 square meters of small houses? Don't worry. Next, Wuhan Decoration network Xiaobian will take you to have a look. Which one is more affordable

[quotation list for decoration of 40 square meters small apartment]

[quotation analysis of decoration of 40 square meters small apartment]

project I: basic engineering

door head 1856 yuan

aluminum plastic plate for door surface 26.55 8222.5 yuan

partition wall 937.5 yuan

gypsum board top surface removal 415.8 yuan

other removal 600 yuan

Project II: Waterway Circuit engineering

strong and weak current construction (lump sum price) 2800 yuan

project III: guest restaurant and aisle

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 780 yuan

project IV: miscellaneous

lamp installation 200 yuan

according to the editor, sometimes the same area, but different structures, will also affect the differences between quotations. As owners, we must learn to make the most reasonable plan on the budget, so as to avoid going into the wrong area of decoration and not being confused

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