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The pace of modern urban life is too fast. We are getting richer and busier, but we often ignore the requirements of quality life. A quality life is not a waste of money.

the pace of modern urban life is too fast. We are getting richer and busier, but we often ignore the requirements for a quality life. A quality life is not a waste of money or extravagance, but a respect for the desire in your heart and life itself. A person's quality of life determines his happiness. Only by carefully observing every little thing in life, carefully decorating every detail of life, and treating ordinary days with an elegant attitude, can we live a unique artistic life

01 life must have a sense of ceremony

in Audrey Hepburn's classic film breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly will wear a small dress and jewelry and slowly finish her breakfast in front of Tiffany's beautiful window. In fact, the sense of ritual is an attitude towards life. A bouquet of flowers on Valentine's day, a candlelight dinner on the anniversary, a lazy waist in the morning at the window, a hug when coming home from work, and slowly establish a sense of ritual in life are the only way to achieve the taste of life

02 talk to your heart

no matter how busy you are, you should stay for a period of time to get along with yourself. Whether it's playing golf or reading and exercising, make life slow down. Truly mature people know how to balance themselves between busyness and leisure, so that they have room for solitude and introspection. In everyone's life, the most important thing to accompany you is yourself. When you are free, ask yourself more about what you really want. Talking to your heart is a silent practice, which can make your life more abundant

03 maintain a healthy lifestyle

stay away from the temptation of junk food, stay away from all kinds of restaurants, try cooking at home, make a fitness plan for yourself every week, and welcome every day with a new self. Every active effort in life now is saving for a healthy body in the future

04 make family life more exquisite

home is the place where each of US spends the longest time every day. Many people say that the room you live in is your own projection, and you will live in what kind of room you are. Your taste is integrated into every corner of your home. In a leisurely winter afternoon, have an English afternoon tea, or gently touch the delicate window lattice sunshine, feel the sweetness and relaxation of the bedroom, and touch the thoughts of reading in the study. In a classic, romantic and fashionable home environment, you can better understand life and inspire inspiration

for example, glass door panels give us completely different feelings only because of different forms of expression: simple and neat

for example, the wall mounted wardrobe abandons the traditional vertical support and is supported by the metal frame behind the back plate of the wardrobe, which visually makes the whole wardrobe transparent and light without losing its functional requirements

for example, the bookcase can not only store books, but also display items. More importantly, it can put down the TV, which looks more relaxed than the indomitable bookshelf wall

the design integrates new ideas and innovative elements, and expresses a new interpretation of lighting culture with space, material, color and geometric environment

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