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Simple and atmospheric decoration is the favorite of young people

if you want to use a large area of color, black is a safe choice

this seemingly carefree large painting is actually not in harmony with the home style

the cabbage screen is the “ Peak &rdquo

does the faint blue light make people a little depressed

the TV background wall is “ Bamboo brings peace ” Painting

“ Blooming wealth ” The screen seems to go back to the 1980s

“ Flowers bloom, wealth &rdquo& ldquo; Bamboo brings peace ” On the whole TV wall or screen; Lighting like a nightclub; Large area and repeated wallpaper and floor tile lines &hellip& hellip;

there is a group called “ Ugly crying decoration ” The general content of the picture is that the old man decorates the wedding room for young people, and the young people feel “ Ugly cry ”. Onlookers just couldn't help laughing, but for those in it “ Parties ”, For example, parents who work hard to decorate their children, or young people waiting for marriage, it is “ In dire straits ” As uncomfortable as. Parents are puzzled about this. What a good moral for bamboo to repay safety and flowers to bloom for wealth. Is it like that thermos cup, which has become a symbol of intergenerational cognitive impairment? Young people are also full of bitterness &mdash& mdash; Nowadays, simple style is popular. Who likes heavy decoration

the decoration is good or bad; Don’ t. If you want to avoid family disputes over decoration, you must avoid these “ Ugly crying decoration ” Big pit

article/picture (except for the signature): Guangzhou Daily all media reporter Li Fenghe

case of passers-by:

the decoration style of the elderly

is very different from that of young people

home decoration is a mirror of personal taste and preferences, because “ Busy work ” Entrust the decoration to parents. If you don't grasp the direction of the general style, it will eventually become “ Disaster ” Is expected. Miss Zhang, who recently moved into her new home, told reporters that the first time she bought a house was decorated by her elders. Although it was good, she didn't like it. The elderly liked solid wood furniture. The furniture was heavy and dark, which was a little out of place with the lively character of young people and the birth of the third generation. Later, she bought a second house, which was completed “ Kick ”, The process was indeed very hard, and I also realized the hard work of my elders at that time, but when I saw that every object in the family was carefully selected by myself, I immediately thought of the purchase process when I saw a small decoration, and when I designed the children's room, I also let two babies fully participate, and I felt that this new home was a home with a sense of belonging

according to the reporter, young people in Guangzhou choose package decoration or whole house customization more. From the beginning, they have full communication with designers. Basically, the style is determined according to their own preferences, but the cost of this type of decoration is high. If “ Scattered ” Although many decoration companies can carry out real-time broadcasting on wechat groups, sometimes they also need the elderly to supervise the site. Young people are buying large furniture or living room “ Highlight ” Areas such as TV walls should not be taken lightly, because these large pieces of furniture or TV walls are often decorated “ Disaster ” High incidence “ The hardest hit areas &rdquo

“ Ugly crying decoration ” Lesson one:

big paintings are taboos that are posted by young people “ Complaints ” Nine times out of ten, it involves the whole TV wall or wallpaper at home. Some elderly people have “ Myth ”, Think the new house should be “ Bamboo brings peace ” Or “ Blooming wealth ” Chinese paintings are decorated, so the whole large painting “ Every inch ” The floor appears on the TV wall or screen in the living room. Miss li from Nanhai told reporters that she remembered that when she was a child, there was a wedding banquet at her home, and there was a wall of happiness hanging at home, all of which were big flowers, dragons and phoenixes. During her trip to Europe this time, she couldn't help laughing when she saw the tapestry works collected by the pope in the Vatican Museum. It turned out that Chinese and foreign traditional interests went the same way

for young people who advocate the simple style of Europe and America, the whole Chinese painting screen or TV wall is really unacceptable. In fact, in the traditional Chinese living room, hanging a four foot nave is not big compared with the living room with a height of 45 meters. In a compact living room with a floor height of about 2.9 meters and less than 20 square meters, a large painting of nearly 4 square meters is decorated, which is visually too restrained and concentrated, which is not conducive to home leisure and relaxation

“ Ugly crying decoration ” Lesson 2:

lighting lighting important things say three times

lighting design is blank in current home decoration. For parents, it's no problem to install colorful spotlights at home, but for young people, it's “ Cry until you burst ” It's decorated

usually, if you buy a house delivered by the developer, there will be spotlights around the ceiling of the living room, which are incandescent lamps without any color. The living room and dining room are equipped with slightly higher power bulbs, and very few developers will deliver houses with lights. Therefore, the colorful spotlights are generally from the late decoration. An owner of Foshan Nanhai Vanke square told reporters that because of her busy work, her elders were responsible for purchasing the lamps in the dining room, and she bought the lamps in the living room. The living room lamp is a simple square pattern combination, while the dining room purchased by the elders at home is spherical, which looks like the rotating lamp in the discotheque. Moreover, by pressing different buttons, the dining room will have lights of different colors. Although it is not colorful, the color is also a little strange. Now some multi-functional lamps in the market have different light colors, some with fans, and some will rotate 360 degrees. The elderly may think that a lamp with five or six functions has high cost performance. She said that if the elders had been clearly told what kind of lamps they needed, the elderly would not “ Heavenly horses fly in the sky ” Buy Lamps on the ground

“ Ugly crying decoration ” Lesson 3:

if too large decorative patterns can be avoided, the reporter “ Ugly crying decoration ” I've seen the series carefully, except that the big picture is “ Accident prone areas ” In addition, too large decoration patterns are also a must to prevent “ Trap ”. One side is named “ Brain powder ” Although there is only rose pattern on the pink wallpaper, it will make residents uncomfortable in the bedroom because of its bright color and great visual impact

in addition, the patterns on the wall tiles of many people are 10 cm wide, and this dark pattern will “ The guest usurps the host ”, It is not beneficial to the whole visual effect. The simple style that young people like. Pure color floor tiles don't need any patterns. If you need to paste patterns, it's easy if you don't do it well by hand “ Something happened &rdquo




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